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Calorieking Diet Review

With any diet, having the ability to understand your true caloric intake can be one of the biggest obstacles. Certainly you can use a homemade calorie counter or attempt to keep track of this information yourself. But if you are like many, you probably don't have any idea on where to get started. Calorieking not only simplifies this process, but they include an abundance of nutritional information and tracking tools that can make or break a diet's success. If you like food, Calorieking can help.


Calorieking Diet Review :: Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Membership comes with meal plans based on your own specific profile.
  • Nutrition search tool provides members with a calorie count for popular food brands and restaurant chains.
  • Members have access to Calorieking's extensive food database.
  • Calorieking University raises "food awareness" so dieters understand the impact of eating high caloric foods.
  • Reasonably priced at $55.00 a year or $7.00 a month.


  • Regarding exercise, Calorieking has great exercise info with their Active Living Center however, we wanted to see more detailed workout plans provided as oppose to the fitness articles.


Calorieking Diet Review :: Calorie Counter

CaloriekingCalorieking has more to offer than your typical calorie counter. Their resources and tools page has plenty of free nifty interactive content to keep you busy (such as the create a meal tool). Essentially, you can also search for just about any food item on their website and get a report back with the amount of calories (fat, carbs, and protein) for the searched item.


Calorieking Diet Review :: Conclusion

The Calorieking believes that educating dieters on the nutritional value of various foods can significantly impact their decision when selecting a meal. There seems to be a great support system and for the price, My Lifestyle Diet can not think of any other site that offers as much information on nutrition. During the writing of this review, Calorieking is offering a 7 day money back guarantee. For more information, visit the official Calorieking website.

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