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Cleanse Patch Review: Overview

Cleanse Patch BoxThe Cleanse Patch was designed to remove toxic build up that saps energy, promotes stress, and causes the body to hold on to excess weight and cellulite. The ingredients used in these detox foot pads have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The Cleanse Patch has combined these ingredients to provide the most powerful detox foot patches available on the market today. The idea of using a foot pad detox system may not appeal to some, but there's no question about the growing popularity of alternative Chinese medicines in America.

Pros and Cons to Consider

  • Can potentially remove heavy metals and toxins from body.
  • No side effects
  • Relieves migraines and headaches.
  • Increases energy and mental focus/concentration.
  • Helps removes toxins associated with smoking cigarettes.
  • Patch contains organic natural ingredients.
  • There is no scientific evidence that links cleanse patch to weight loss. In fact, several of the other claims made by the manufacturer also lack any clinical trials or studies.

Visit the Cleanse Patch website to view customer testimonials.

How Does The Cleanse Patch Work?

General Reflex ZonesThe bodies lymphatic system is responsible for regulating the immune system and getting rid of toxins. Overtime, the lymphatic system may become blocked thus preventing toxins from being eliminated. This essentially causes the body to become toxic which is why the Cleanse Patch comes highly recommended. The Cleanse Patch is the only detoxifying foot pads available that contains three organic ingredients to provide the strongest detox possible. Although the patch can be applied to any part of the body, it is recommenced to place a patch on each foot prior to bedtime. During sleep, the cleanse patch will begin to absorb toxins and clear lymphatic fluid blockages. Upon awakening, the patch will be discolored from the extracted toxins. Many of our readers reported better sleep and a well rested feeling after waking up. The image below shows the results from a 5 day detox. As you will see, over time the discoloration will lessen. This is usually an indicator that the toxicity level in the body is decreasing. The first cleanse can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days. If after 5 days, the discoloration is still strong, it is recommended to continue applying the Cleanse Patch until there is evident improvement.

5 day Cleanse results

Cleanse Patch Ingredients:
, Agaricus Mushroom, and Eucalyptus Sap Powder.


The detox foot patches can be ordered in any quantity on the Cleanse Patch website. Here are the standard quantities and their relative price.

  • 1 Box – 10 Patches $49.99: [5 Day Cleanse]
  • 2 Boxes -- $89.98 (save $10):[10 Day Cleanse]
  • 3 Boxes -- $124.99 (save $25):[15 Day Cleanse]
  • 4 Boxes -- $154.99 (save $45)
  • 5 Boxes -- $179.99 (save $70)
  • 6 Boxes -- $199.99 (save $100)
Other Forms of Cleansing - Colonic Cleansing

Keep in mind that body detox foot pads may not be as effective as colon cleansing or colon detoxification but take note, they are both very different forms of detoxing with different side effects. If a colon cleansing detox is what you desire, schedule an appointment with your doctor but make sure you understand the side effects first. If you want something a little more convenient there are several "at home" products available in the market such as dual action colon cleanse. If this is your interest, read our dual action cleanse review.

Cleanse Patch Review: Conclusion

Whether you prefer the dual action colon cleanse or other detox products, the Cleanse Patch offers significant benefits for the price without harmful side effects. My Lifestyle Diet readers and editors who tried the patch said they noticed better sleep, less stress, and a little weight loss by detoxing their body. We highly recommend at least trying the 5 day cleanse to experience the results for yourself. If you would like to learn more, please visit the official Cleanse Patch website.

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