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Extreme Acai Berry

Extreme Acai Berry Review :: Overview

Extreme Acai Berry Bottle

Acai Berry Juice extract: Supplementing a detox product into your current diet & fitness program is becoming more and more popular.  This popularity is causing a storm of new products to be released.  Extreme Acai Berry is another detox product available that claims the ability to remove build-up in the digestive track and enhance weight loss results.  In this review we will discuss the weight loss properties and Acai Berry and how it cleanses the body.

Extreme Acai Berry Review :: Pros and Cons to Consider

  • Helps flush excess pounds
  • Removes toxins and waste from the body
  • Helps eliminate gas and bloating
  • Increases Energy
  • All Natural
  • Website offers free bottle (plus shipping & handling) $3.95
  • Using Extreme Acai Berry Diet alone will only show minimal results.  Diet and exercise recommended.
  • Purchase enrolls you into their auto ship / auto bill program.
  • Complaints about lengthy hold times when trying to cancel (sometimes up to 1 hour)

How Does Extreme Acai Berry Work?

Overtime, depending on what you eat, your body can become backed up with harmful toxins that block your body's ability to absorb nutrients.  This blockage can cause fatigue, digestive problems, increased water retention, and more.  The compounds found in Acai Berry are said to contain potent antioxidant properties that are proven to flush the impurities out of the body. Acai Berry juice is also considered as a great source for healthy fatty acids (mono saturated fats).

Acai Berry Cancer Study

The University of Florida performed a study that was posted in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2006.  The study essentially showed that the extracts from Acai Berry caused a self-destruct response in up to 86% of leukemia cells. There are promising health benefits the acai palm offers and overtime, I expect more discoveries to be revealed.

Extreme Acai Berry Review :: Conclusion

Most would agree that not using some form of detoxification during a diet and workout program can be detrimental to the results.  Weight loss aside, the acai berry diet can be a tremendous asset to your overall health if used in conjunction with a decent diet and fitness program, however, the reputation of extreme acai berry is not very flattering.

To learn more, visit the official Extreme Acai Berry website.

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Editors Note: We received emails from some of our readers indicating that after the 14 day trail expired they were automatically enrolled in an "auto ship" program and billed a significant amount. Be sure to read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the purchase page on the company website.

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