High protein diet plan
high protein low carb diet plan

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High Protein Diet Plan

High Protein Diet Plan

High protein diet plans are usually used to lose weight at the same time as other weight loss strategies, such as restricting carbohydrates or restricting fat. The idea of eating more protein at the expense of vegetables is appealing to many dieters, but in fact many of these high protein diet plans emphasise the importance of vegetables and restrict other food groups.

High protein low carbohydrate diet plan

The most famous of the low carbohydrate high protein diet plans is the Atkins diet designed by Dr. Robert Atkins. This diet is primarily a low carbohydrate one in which Dr. Atkins advocated replacing carbohydrates with protein, making it a high protein diet.

Weight is lost very quickly on the Atkins diet plan as dieters use their body fat stores for energy.

The success of the Atkins diet has led to the introduction of many similar high protein low carbohydrate plans.

One of these alternate high protein low carb diets is the Zone diet, designed by Barry Spears. This diet doesn’t restrict carbohydrate as much as the Atkins diet. This makes it easier to follow, and means that it causes less ill effects than the Atkins plan. The Zone diet also restricts fat, unlike the Atkins diet, making it a healthier diet for long-term use in terms of “heart health”.

The Zone diet plan is an effective weight loss tool partly due to the dietary manipulation, but also because of the restriction of calories.

High Protein low fat diet plans

The main criticism of the previous plans is that they do not restrict fat intake, and in the case of the Atkins diet actively encourage it. The alternative is to lower fat intake while increasing protein intake. Examples of these diets include the Australian total wellbeing diet and the American Heart Association Diet. Many books and Internet sites are available to help people follow these diets.

These diets are high protein and low fat, encouraging the use of healthy fats (Mono-unsaturated, Poly-unsaturated) in our diets in place of unhealthy ones (saturated).

Modern nutritional research is showing that the best diet in terms of long-term health is one rich in fruits and vegetables, low in fat, with complex carbohydrates and protein making up the balance. This leads to eating a much higher protein diet than most of us are eating regularly at present.

Advantages of high protein diet plans

High protein diet plans, combined with low carb or low fat, promote weight loss and general health. Weight loss can be rapid, and when the right plan is found the diets are easy to stick to and can be followed indefinitely until the weight loss goals are reached. Most of these high protein diet plans then include a maintenance phase to help dieters stay at a healthy weight.

Disadvantages of high protein diets

High protein low carbohydrate diets tend to be very hard to stick to. The lack of carbohydrate in some high protein plans can cause headaches and fatigue. Nutritionists worry because the by-products of protein need to be flushed out through the kidneys, and following a high protein diet can cause stress on the kidneys. This means that if you are following a high protein diet then you must make sure you drink plenty of water.

To learn more about the Atkins Diet Plan or the Zone Diet Plan, click one of the logos below.

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