Hoodia Water Review

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Hoodia Water

Hoodia Water Review :: Overview

HoodiaWater is a liquid extract that is used to suppress the appetite without the need for pills or patches. HoodiaWater is created by a process that removes the active ingredients out of the hoodia gordonii plant. The effects of this liquid extract is said to be 4 times as potent which allows the ingredients to work faster and last slightly longer than the pill form.

Hoodia Water Review :: Pros and Cons

Pros to Consider

  • Hoodia is known to promote weight loss via appetite suppression.
  • Liquid form is more potent than pill or patch.
  • Effects take place faster than pills.

Cons to Consider

  • Appetite suppression can be dangerous if good meal plan is not in place.
  • No hoodia certificate is provided with purchase (but product label says Hoodia Water has been inspected by 3rd party to ensure authenticity). HoodiThin is another product that does contain its own certificate with every bottle.

Hoodia Water Review :: How Does HoodiaWater Work?

Hoodia WaterHoodiaWater works the same as other hoodia based products. Once HoodiaWater is consumed orally, the chemical compound known as p57 is released into the body sending signals to the brain that it is no longer hungry.

Hoodia Water Review :: Doses

Apply 1 dropper (30 drops) to an 8oz glass of water or juice as needed to control appetite. Should not exceed more than three doses in a day. View Product Label

Hoodia Water Review :: Conclusion

Hoodia is a safe and effective means of controlling hunger between meals. Since the The liquid form does work faster than pills it can really benefit those with busy "on the go" schedules. We've reviewed a few other hoodia liquid products and still feel that HoodiThin holds our highest regard.

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