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Wu-Yi Source


Wu-Yi Source Diet Review :: Overview

Wu-Yi TeaEvery year we learn of new weight loss ingredients from around the world. Brazil revealed Cha De Bugre, South Africa educated us on Hoodia, and now China has unveiled Wu-Yi tea. The Wu-Yi Source is a diet based around Wu-Yi tea. We'll take a closer look at Wu-Yi tea and its effects on weight loss later in the review.

Wu-Yi Source Diet Review :: Pros and Cons to Consider
Wu-Yi Source Testimonial

  • Clinical trials were performed on Wu-Yi Tea's ability to burn fat.
  • The "Wu-Yi 12 Week Weight Loss System" is included with purchase.
  • Program promotes the use of a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Organic all natural ingredients.
  • Wu-Yi tea is said to be more effective than green tea regarding weight loss.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Wu-Yi tea does contain a small amount of caffeine and may not be suitable for those not tolerant to small portions of caffeine.

Wu-Yi Source Diet Review :: How does Wu-Yi Tea work?

The polymerized polyphenols inside Wu-Yi tea is said to be the linked to burning stored fat. The Polymerized polyphenols are also responsible for boosting the metabolism to increase weight loss. The Wu-Yi Source diet recommends two servings of Wu-Yi tea daily. By incorporating exercise and healthy eating with the Wu-Yi tea, some dieters can expect to see significant weight loss.

Wu-Yi Source Diet Review :: Expense

Wu-Yi Source website offers a free 14 day trail plus shipping and handling of $4.95. After the 14 day period the consumer will be billed $29.95 if they choose to keep the months supply and $29.95 every month thereafter. Wu-Yi Source does provide options to order multiple cartons of Wu-Yi tea.

Wu-Yi Source Diet Review :: Conclusion

In our opinion we feel the majority of weight lost while using the Wu-Yi Source diet would come from the change in diet and exercise, however, adding Wu-Yi tea into your supplementation could give you the extra boost needed to burn fat. There are no documented complications from combining Wu-Yi tea and other supplements, however, you should always consult a physician prior to use. To get more information, visit the official Wu-Yi Source website.

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