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Appesat is an appetite suppressant, manufactured by Goldshield, the same company responsible for the cactus based fat binder, LIPOband. Appesat differs from its sister product by using seaweed as a means of helping dieters lose weight. These seaweed fiber extracts are plucked from the French Atlantic Coast and are the main ingredient in the pills. Appesat increases satiety (feeling of fullness) and works somewhat like a gastric bypass band; restricting the capacity for food to fit into the stomach.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Helpful bonus material is provided after purchase. A workout video can be used to increase physical exercise while a fitness diary helps with tracking calories and creating plan meals.
  • Studies have been done on seaweed and its weight loss effects. UK Medicine Regulators have also looked into Appesat and consider the product safe to take.
  • Can be conveniently purchased online for discreet and fast shipping or pick up from local stores in the United Kingdom.
  • Because the pill tricks the body into feeling full, it can be a big help to dieters with weaker willpower. Helping them break the habit of consuming large meals and unnecessary sweets between meals.


  • At $60 for a 50 pill bottle, Appesat can be expensive, especially for dieters who take the maximum of three pills, three times a day.
  • Restricting food intake can lead to restricting nutrients for the body. Since less food will be consumed, it's vital that users have a balance and nutrient rich meal plan to prevent any harmful effects on health.


  • Those with a body mass index of 18 or below, pregnant or nursing women and children younger than 13 should not take Appesat.

How Does Appesat Works?

Instead of trying to bind to fat, after dieters have eaten a large meal, Appesat works to stop dieters from consuming too much in the first place. When the pill reaches the stomach, it begins to swell up and expand. This pressure on the stomach walls will send a signal to the brain indicating that the dieter is full. The pill is designed to be taken an hour before eating and will help dieters be content with less. Within a few hours after eating the pills are harmlessly broken down by stomach acids and eliminated with other wastes from the body. Because the pill is never absorbed into the bloodstream, it has no dangerous effects on the rest of the body. For expansion to take place, the pill needs to be taken with water.


After taking Appesat, the feeling of fullness will last for several hours. The product has a decent reputation among users and vegetarians may take this formula. When used as directed, Appesat can help dieters learn healthy eating habits and break the cycle of overeating. Overtime the change in diet can help gradually reduce weight. Though dieters should not expect miraculous results, combining with regular exercise can result in steady drops on the scale.

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