Fit Celeb Hollywood Headlines – Simon Cowell, Jillian Michaels, Jordan Sparks, Mel Gibson

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Simon Cowell Tells Us How He Stays Buff

Jillian Michaels Isn't Slowing Down, She Endorses BodyMedia FIT Armband

Primary Schools Are Trying To Teach Children The Difference In Airbrushed Photos From Not To Build Self-Confidence

Jordin Sparks & Zumba Fitness Team Up For Breast Cancer Awareness

Photos: Hilary Duff Naturally Beautiful & In Shape

Mel Gibson Takes Health Campaign To Panama

Fit Celeb Hollywood Healdines – Jerry Ferrara, Alison Sweeney, Kim Kardashian

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Hollywood headlines for the week of 7/25






Fit Celeb’s Hollywood Headlines: Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Hudson

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Kim Kardashian – Kim Kardashian is saying that living on the East Coast has made her gain a bit of weight Read More >>

Sofia Vergara – ‘Modern Family’ actress Sofia Vergara isn’t pulling her hair back into a ponytail to get her sweat on at the gym. Read More>>

Jennifer Hudson – Singer Jennifer Hudson is feeling like a brand “new person” after losing weight. Read More>>


FitCeleb’s Hollywood Headlines: Sheryl Crow, Brooke Burke, The Nut Cracker, Mark Walburg

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Sheryl Crow Releasing Healthy Cookbook – Rocker Sheryl Crow has stepped into the kitchen and become the latest celebrity chef – she’s releasing her own cookbook filled with her favourite healthy recipes. Continue Reading >>

Brooke Burke’s 6 Healthy Lifestyle Tips‘Dancing With The Stars’ host Brooke Burke shares with Shape magazine’s January issue her 6 healthy tips, and how being healthy and exercising can rev up your sex drive. Continue Reading >>

Weight Debate: Ballet Dancer Too Plump For Nutcracker Production? – The New York Nutcracker production is stirring up some controversy. The dancer playing the lead role, Jennifer Ringer, had to defend herself on television Monday after a newspaper criticized her weight saying, she’d “eaten one sugar plum too many.” Continue Reading >>


Fit Celeb’s Hollywood Fitness Headlines – Gwyneth, Helen Mirren, Brooke Burke, The Situation

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Gwyneth Paltrow Asked To Put On Some Weight

Uh-oh…Gwyneth Paltrow was odered to put on twenty pounds for a new role in Country Song. Was her strict, kick-ass trainer Tracy Anderson okay with the request?  Anderson told People it was hard to stomach. >> Read More

Helen Mirren Selling Her Fit Body

Okay, Helen Mirren not exactly selling her body – but the 65-year-old actress was paid $1 million dollars to advertise a keep fit video game.

What did Mirren have to do for $1M worth of work? Two days of shooting commercials for the Wii Fit Plus title which encourages owners of Nintendo’s motion controlled console to shed the pounds from the comfort of their own home. >> Read More


Fit Celeb’s Hollywood Fitness Headlines

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I would like to take a moment to welcome Dana Walsh to the MLD blog.  Dana is the owner of one of the top celebrity health news websites ( and will be our Celebrity Fitness Correspondent sharing all of the top celebrity health, fitness, and diet news.  Enjoy!

Jackie Warner & Thintervention Team Talk About Show & Participants – Jackie Warner’slatest reality tv show, ‘Thintervention’ on Bravo, is not about contestants competing to lose weight – but about getting to the root of the participant’s food addiction with the help of personal trainer Craig Ramsay and therapist Dr. Ramani. >> Read More



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