Diet 101: Congratulations! You’ve reached your goal … now what?

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If you’ve gotten to your goal weight, you deserve a huge pat on the back! This has obviously been a long time coming and taken lots of hard work and dedication. Now you want to be sure to reap the benefits and stay right where you are so you don’t have to go through all that again! Take some time to reflect on what got you here. Have you changed your eating schedule? Your portion sizes? Your activity routine? Keep up those great habits to maintain your new healthy weight.

A few more ideas to consider:


Diet 101: Dealing With Roadblocks (special occasions, travel, and the unexpected)

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We all know how tough it is learning healthy new eating habits and making them stick. Even a long-term successful dieter who has things under control during normal circumstances can be thrown off when unexpected events are tossed into the mix! So how do you deal with things like holiday picnics, family parties, vacations, and the surprise business lunch meeting? The key is always having your “sensible eating” hat on, and being able to see things in shades of gray, rather than just black and white. In other words, if the only options for lunch that are being served to you are fried chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, and apple pie, what can you do?


Diet 101: How To Stay On Your Diet

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Day 27_ self motivationSo, you’ve spent a lot of time deciding which diet is best to follow, determining that now is the time healthy eating and exercise are a priority, and choosing a start date. Your diet went along well for a few weeks, but now you find it difficult to keep going. How do you muster the will power to keep forging ahead? What started you on this journey is the idea that you really want is to be a healthy and attractive weight. Here are a few methods to get you back into the frame of mind that a bit of suffering now will be worth it in the long run!


For Diet Success: Plan Ahead Before Jumping In!

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I strongly believe the main reason for the high failure rate on diets is the failure to plan ahead. People often do not look before they leap. They let themselves get carried by the intense desire to lose lots of weight fast, jump on the bandwagon for the latest diet craze, and find out within a short period of time that it’s just not realistic to eat this way. Taking a day or so to research a diet and to ask some important questions can save you time, money, misery, and weeks of trying to stay on a diet only to fail again. It’s tiring and emotionally draining to set yourself up over and over, only to feel like a failure and like something is wrong with you! Get this…it’s not you that is failing, it is your plan. So get a pencil, find the answers to these questions, and find a new plan that will get you the results you want once and for all!


Diet 101: Your Diet Is For Life

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When we think about “going on a diet”, we tend to imagine some temporary time of deprivation and struggle, with an expected future reward of coming “off” the diet and being slim. We focus on the weight loss part of the diet, and we rarely consider how we’ll maintain that weight loss once we reach our goal.

No wonder so many dieters don’t succeed – and many are trapped in a yo-yo cycle of working hard to lose weight, only to gain it all again. Going on a diet is not a quick fix: it’s a way to change your eating habits for life.


Diet 101: What is a Diet?

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Most people consider diet to be a four-letter word; one that conjures up feelings too horrible to be spoken! It implies deprivation, hunger, and being forced to eat foods you don’t like. But actually the word itself is not evil. It is used to describe the food eaten habitually by a particular person or group. It can describe the way we eat as a population as in “the typical diet of Americans”, or the benefits of eating a certain way such as “The Mediterranean Diet can lower incidence of heart disease”. Some people need to limit certain elements for health reasons and may be following a “low sodium diet” or a “low cholesterol diet“. It merely describes how we eat.



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