Don’t Be “Too Adventurous” With Your Diet

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I always encourage people to become a bit more adventurous with their diet, just to keep things interesting. What I mean by that is, try new fruits and vegetables you haven’t had: An aprilum (cross between an apricot and a plum) or spaghetti squash; a new brand of yogurt or a whole grain pasta.


Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too With the Spatz Adjustable Balloon

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Doctors have recently created a non-invasive approach to weight loss surgery. In a time where gastric re-routing surgeries and stomach shrinking measures are the weight loss rage, doctors have created an alternate approach that is equally effective and less invasive. The product was unveiled at digestive disease week held in New Orleans which brings together the world’s top physicians in areas of digestion and intestinal surgery. The product is called the Spatz adjustable balloon and it is inserted into the stomach as a method of decreasing the amount of food that can be eaten. The insertion process is done while the patient is conscious under sedation then the balloon is filled with water to decrease stomach mass. The amount of water in the balloon can be adjusted with a routine endoscopy procedure to meet the patient’s satisfaction and comfort levels.


Can the Kind of Meat You Eat Affect Your Health?

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Hold the bacon!

Think twice when you choose what to put on your plate. A new study by Renata Micha of the Harvard School of Public Health has found that eating processed meats can raise your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Meats like sausage, bacon, hot dogs, and most deli lunch meats fall into this category. Eating unprocessed beef, pork and lamb may be a healthier option to consider.


Study Finds Link Between Food Insecurity and Poor Pregnancy Outcomes

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A new study has found that women who live in homes where safe, nutritious food is hard to come by have poorer pregnancy outcomes than women who have easy access to nutritious food throughout their pregnancy. It’s no surprise that past studies have shown that women who live in homes where there is a lack of money to buy nutritional food are at greater risk for malnutrition. It may come as more of a surprise to discover that these same women report more obesity and obesity related problems than women who don’t fear having access to good food. A woman who is overweight or obese before becoming pregnant is at risk for a number of poor pregnancy outcomes, larger birth weight babies and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).


Behavioral Weight Loss Improves GERD Symptoms

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a condition where food and/or liquid in the stomach leaks backwards into the esophagus which causes the often unavoidable demon burn that can ruin sleep and social lives. Treatments include avoidance of foods known to exacerbate these symptoms, such as alcohol, caffeine, and dairy, but if these do not work, there are over-the-counter antacids and prescription drugs available. It is thought to be caused by a weakening in the sphincter muscles located in the esophagus that prevent stomach contents from seeping back. People who suffer from GERD are also at increased risk for hiatal hernia and scleroderma. Symptoms include heartburn, nausea, chest pains, and sometimes vomiting. A recent study done at Mayo Clinic reveals that even a small amount of weight gain dramatically worsens the debilitating symptoms that plague people who suffer from GERD.


Obesity and Bullying; A Vicious Cycle

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Julie Lumeng, M.D., a professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor recently published a study in the journal Pediatrics finding obese children are more likely to be bullied than those that aren’t obese.

The study followed 800 children who were born in 1991 and who lived in 10 different cities across the US. The children, teachers and parents were surveyed by researchers during third, fifth and sixth grades. An interesting detail of the survey is the children’s social skills were addressed in addition to whether they were being bullied. Weight status was measured simply by obtaining body mass index.


One Way to Cut Out Unwanted Calories: Don’t Eat So Fast

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Remember when you were a kid your mother would always tell you to eat your dinner slowly and carefully chew your food? And, you would just laugh and think it was another one of her crazy rules.

It seems our moms did know best. Several studies have shown that people consume more calories when they eat fast. It is one of the main reasons why eating slowly is often advised when a person is trying to maintain or lose weight.

Eating Speed Affects Obesity Hormone Levels


Shedding Just 10 Pounds Could Have a Positive Effect on Your Immune System

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A well-balanced immune system is essential to good health. It helps our bodies fight infections and protects us from germs and other invaders. However, if you are carrying excess body fat, particularly in your abdominal area, your own immune system could be turning against you. The scientific community has known for a while now that excess abdominal fat can trigger the production of “pro-inflammatory” immune cells. These cells, like their name suggests, promote inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to numerous health problems, including coronary artery disease and cancer.


Fitness Goes Green With Smart Equipment

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Technology has turned a corner with some very interesting new fitness equipment. There is a recent trend being used to generate awareness of alternative energy sources and energy conservation. Organizations are teaching people about the need to make wise decisions in energy usage and to look for new sources of energy to power a world increasingly dependent on electricity.


The Latest Silly Fad Diet: “The Baby Food Diet”

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IMG_0501Creative Commons License photo credit: yoshimov

A friend of mine sent me a post the other day of a blogger regaling us of her day on “The Baby Food Diet”. Apparently there aren’t really any guidelines for following this outrageous plan yet regarding how much to eat of which foods. The blogger chose to eat all fruit flavors! The purpose seems to be eating controlled portions of food, with the added benefit of no preservatives and very little salt or other additives that are not considered healthy. Most jars of baby food have fewer than 100 calories, so you could eat about 14 jars a day (depending on your selections) for under 1200 calories. Anyone can lose weight on this calorie level!


Where Did All This Weight Come From?

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Coffee moment (is over)

As I spend this month studying extensive amounts of literature in preparation for my level II weight management certification, I am learning a great deal about the science behind obesity. There are behavioral factors and chemical factors; hormones produced by the body that tell us when we are hungry and others that signal when we are full; environmental situations and emotional experiences that cause us to eat more or less. But largely, it comes down to what our habits are and what we choose to eat on a fairly regular basis.


Orthorexia: Is it Possible To Eat Too Healthy?

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Salad from Coop Colorado physician Steven Bratman coined the term Orthorexia in 1997 to describe people who are virtually obsessed with eating perfectly healthy diets. He used the Greek root “orthos” meaning “correct”, with “orexis” for “appetite”. Unlike anorexia (which technically means “no appetite”) and bulimia (the translation of which is “ox hunger”), orthorexia has yet to be defined as an eating disorder in the psychological diagnostic manuals. The focus is not as much on body appearance as what goes into the body: Those with orthorexia are not as much concerned with what they look like as with how they may be damaging their body by ingesting some chemicals or components that are impure or unhealthy.


Jillian Michaels Sued – Is it Fair or Greedy People Trying to Make a Quick Buck?

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Jillian Michaels is the famous trainer on the hit show “The Biggest Loser.” She is known for her tough, no-nonsense attitude and difficult, but effective, exercise programs. Michaels often stresses the importance of healthy diet and exercise as the best way to lose weight. She also endorses several weight loss products that are available at major retailers.

Michaels is being sued over a product called “Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control.” The packaging of these diet pills states, “Two Capsules Before Main Meals and You Lose Weight … That’s It!” However, a woman named Christie Christensen of Lake Elsinore, Calif., begs to differ. She purchased these pills, but claims she didn’t lose any weight or have a decreased appetite after taking the diet pills for one month.


Our Haiti Releif Efforts

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Update 2/1/2010: Although we weren’t able to raise a tremendous amount of money, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our program. We will be dividing and donating $153.00.

With the devastation that struck Haiti on January 12th, we are doing everything we can to help. From now until Jan. 31 (or longer if needed), we will be donating 100% of the commissions made from some of the reviews on our website.

We will make our donations to the following organizations:


Follow Us on Twitter and Get a Copy of the Every Other Day Diet

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Happy Holidays everyone!

We are buying and giving away 10 copies of the ebook The Every Other Day Diet. The EODD diet comes with the e-book which is valued at $39.95 and dozens of other bonus material. The premise of the diet is calorie shifting and is designed to optimize the metabolism so the body burns calories more efficiently. Want to know how you can participate? keep reading!

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A Great Diet Solution

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The “Smart Choice” Program Was Not Smart Enough

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Last month, FDA investigators halted the Smart Choice program. The program, just launched this summer, was designed to help consumers make better food choices by reading a handy little information box on the front of food packages. Americans generally find detailed label reading too confusing and not informative enough. This program hoped to make it simple with just one tiny box, assuring the shopper “this food is a good choice”. Groups of highly-renowned science, health, and educational organizations spent years deciding on the appropriate criteria and finally thought they had the answer. They all got together to establish the “Smart Choice Program” for easy understanding of foods that are “good for you” with this simple label. The problem is, it’s not simple at all.


The Raw Foods Diet

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Vegetables at Market

If you’ve ever heard of the “Raw Foods Diet” you may have wondered what types of foods are included in this regimen, and what are the benefits of eating this way. Technically, raw foods include any food that has not been heated to more than 118 degrees F. What is not included: products that are cooked, roasted, fried, baked, or even pasteurized. Think of all the foods you eat that are not then “raw” when you eat them: pasta, bread, cereal, cookies, eggs, meat (although raw meat technically is allowed by certain raw food advocates), roasted nuts, and pasteurized milk, just to name a few.


The Realize Band: A Method of Surgical Weight Loss

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realizebandplacementPerhaps you have heard of surgical weight loss methods and want to know more about some of these procedures and if they would work for you. Many people have had good success with different types of gastric surgery. They all work by making your stomach smaller, forcing you to eat less every day at every meal. Some are more invasive than others; some are more permanent. Today I’ll give you the details on the Realize Band: a less-invasive form of surgical intervention that is also reversible.


A New Sweetener on the Market: Sun Crystals

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sun crystals

As a registered dietitian, I sometimes get the heads up on new products from the manufacturers before they even hit the market! Here is one I just received in the mail that looks like a great new sweetener. You should be seeing Sun Crystals, an all natural sweetener, on the shelves in your local supermarket soon.

This product is made using a combination of cane sugar and the naturally sweet stevia plant. The result is crystals that appear like pure sugar, but contain fewer calories, provide fewer grams of carbohydrates, and have a lower impact on raising blood sugar level in people with diabetes.


The Gluten Free Diet

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Grains on Mykonos

Many people are jumping on the “Gluten Free” bandwagon, anticipating it will have beneficial effects like promoting weight loss or even ‘cleansing’ effects. In reality, the gluten free diet is necessary–and helpful–only for people who have a true allergy to gluten, which is a diagnosable and treatable condition called Celiac Sprue.


34 Must Read Weight Loss Sites and Blogs

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Over the years I’ve stumbled across several websites and blogs that serve as great sources of information and motivation. After a year of reading most of these websites I decided to compile a list of 34 must read websites and blogs. They are in no specific order but I’m 100% sure that at least one of the sites listed will serve its purpose of keeping you motivated and loaded with great information.

News, Tips, and Informational Websites


Lawsuit Leaves Denny’s a Little Salty

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Flickr: Denny'sDid you know that food items at your local Denny’s can contain up to 5,690 milligrams of sodium (more than 2 times the daily recommended amount)? I sure didn’t until I read the article from the LA Times. A man from New Jersey (with an apparent problem with blood pressure) along with help from The Center for Science in the Public interest filed the lawsuit after the man discovered his food contained enough sodium to damage a small animal (not really–just an exaggeration). But seriously, some of the meals at Denny’s contains more than two days worth of recommended sodium! The goal of the lawsuit is to force Denny’s to list the sodium content of their food items along with some type of disclaimer about the risk of high blood pressure. There were also negotiations between Denny’s and the CSPI to lower sodium content in the meals.


Old Weight Loss Scams Continue

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common scams

common scams

Too-good-to-be-true easy weight loss promises have been around for over a hundred years. Here are some common themes to pills, powders, potions, and teas.

Lose weight, eat whatever you want, and no exercise! Burn fat while you sleep! Whatever is contained in these pills is not going to help you lose weight. Sometimes there are ingredients like caffeine that help dampen the appetite in some people. If you’ve ever purchased one of these “diet pills” you may have noticed the package insert that explains how you can lose weight. Then again you may have thrown that part away. It says, “here is a sample 1200 calorie diet for you to follow. If you follow this diet [and take these pills] you can lose up to 10 pounds in 4 weeks (results not typical)”. Of course you can eat whatever you like … but you can’t have more than one bite of it!


The Cookie Diet, Revisited

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I have had so many inquiries about the various forms of The Cookie Diet, I did a little research last week to find out what I need to know to pass along the reliable information you need about this weight loss plan. So here goes:



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