The Nutrisystem Diet: Recipe for Success or Yet Another Diet Failure Setup?

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The concept of diet delivery programs appeals to many people. Innumerable American citizens want to drop a few pounds, but with all of the enticements of fast foods and sugary sweets that are around us, it can sometimes seem nearly impossible to make healthy choices. Diet delivery programs such as Nutrisystem eliminate any such concerns by providing participants with an easy, portion-controlled manner of choosing what to eat. Dieters do not have to worry about how many calories or how much fat a particular meal contains; the Nutrisystem developers have done all of these calculations for the program participants, and all that dieters must do is select the meals that they would prefer to eat from the Nutrisystem database.


How To Get Healthy Using Your Android Phone

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You can get healthy using your Android phone by simply using the numerous applications that are designed to promote increased fitness and a more balanced lifestyle. Wherever you go, your phone is with you. Taking advantage of the many included tools that it provides to help you live better can help you to get fit fast and without a whole lot of hassle. No matter how hectic your lifestyle may be, you can find a way to reduce the calories that you consume and increase the amount of physical activity that you get each day.


Give up Calories, Not Nutrition

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IMG_1064In the haste to give up calories in order to lose weight, many dieters lose sight of what they should be eating for the nutritional value. All too often people are quick to skip breakfast or deny themselves a piece of fruit in order to save a few calories. Later on, however, they manage to justify a glass of wine or some diet ice cream “just this once” and “since I’ve been so good today”! Here are a few points to help you manage your calorie level and your nutrition at the same time.


How to Take Regular Exercise (And Love It)

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One of the keys to health is taking regular exercise (and if you doubt that, just check out this story of a 100 year old British woman taking keep fit classes!) But many of us find it difficult to stick with an exercise routine. Perhaps we’re too busy or too tired, or maybe we just don’t enjoy exercise that much.

Being active doesn’t have to feel like a chore or a punishment – it’s a great way to boost your mood, to keep your heart and bones healthy, and to burn calories and build muscle. Here’s how you can fit regular exercise into your life – and enjoy it!


What Do You Need to Cut Out of Your Life?

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Many of us spend the New Year period taking stock: often making resolutions to do better with our diets, to stick to our healthy eating, to take up exercise, and perhaps also to achieve particular goals in personal or career projects.

What we don’t always consider is what we might need to cut out of our lives. Somehow, we end up forgetting that we only have 24 hours in a day – and that we have a limited amount of energy and attention.

If you’re going to see real dieting success next year, what do you need to cut out of your life?


What’s Your Reason This Season?

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year 2011If you are like many people across the world, you are planning a New Year’s resolution to begin in just a few days. And if you are like thousands of others, it probably has something to do with weight loss. And, if you’re like most of them, you’ve probably done this before, and at some point a few weeks into the year you’ve given up in hopeless frustration. Why is it so hard to stick with our plan to lose weight? One reason might, of course, be the plan itself. Another reason to consider–maybe it wasn’t so important for you to lose weight.


Study Shows Up Tempo Music While Exercising Yields Better Results

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Listening to Beyoncé instead of Etta James might help you get better results out of your workouts.

In an in vivo laboratory controlled study, 12 healthy male students cycled at self-chosen work-rates while listening to a program of six popular music tracks of different tempi. The program lasted about 25 min and was performed on three occasions–unknown to the participants, its tempo was normal, increased by 10% or decreased by 10%

Speeding up the music program increased distance covered/unit time, power and pedal cadence by 2.1%, 3.5% and 0.7%, respectively; slowing the program produced falls of 3.8%, 9.8% and 5.9%. Average heart rate changes were +0.1% (faster program) and -2.2% (slower program).


ATD: What Diet Should I Follow for PCOS?

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Question: Hello, I have PCOS.I really don’t know how to count calories and I’m really not sure what meals I’m supposed to eat. I have tried a lot of different ideas but none of them seem to work for me I can’t seem to get the weight off. I’m a really picky eater. My question is what do you suggest I do? –Iris W.

Dear Iris,

There is some evidence that women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome have an increased rate of heart disease and diabetes. Insulin resistance is not uncommon, and about 50% of women with PCOS are overweight, although it is not clear why. The recommended diet for PCOS is usually low in simple sugars, moderate in complex carbohydrates, and moderate in fat and cholesterol.


What Triggers Your Bad Habits?

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I spend a few hours each week visiting diet and health blogs to see what the word is on the street. Occasionally I’ll leave comments but mostly I enjoy reading and being entertained by others. I was reading Ryan Sullivan’s blog No More Bacon, and found his views on triggers and what causes people to take action refreshing. His story is living proof that triggers work

Here is my non-weight loss related story about triggers, that could trigger something in you.


ATD: Which Diet Product Do You Recommend?

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I would like to know your views, please, on Sensa! I am 5’1″ and weigh 129. I am looking a Fat Loss 4 Idiots, the Nuphedrine, or Sensa, but would like your opinion. I work at a desk and then go to take care of my mother. I should be walking more, and am not happy about this weight…thanks for your assistance. –Terri B.

Dear Terri,


Don’t Be “Too Adventurous” With Your Diet

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I always encourage people to become a bit more adventurous with their diet, just to keep things interesting. What I mean by that is, try new fruits and vegetables you haven’t had: An aprilum (cross between an apricot and a plum) or spaghetti squash; a new brand of yogurt or a whole grain pasta.


Interesting Research on Child Nutrition

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There’s been several interesting studies lately related to dairy, nutrition and children. Here are some thoughts from Karen Kafer:

  • In the April issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, a new study found girls that drank soda at age 5 had higher subsequent soda consumption and lower milk intake in later years. This resulted in a higher consumption of added sugars and lower intakes of protein, fiber, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium from ages 5 to 15 years, as compared to girls who did not consume soda at that age. They found additional evidence that children need more parental guidance regarding consuming soda and other sweetened beverages.

Five Great Reasons to Exercise

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Yes, you know you should be exercising. But, like flossing every day, or cleaning the oven, exercise can end up being of those “should do” things which we put off almost indefinitely.

Perhaps it feels like a chore. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with exercise in the past. You might struggle to see the point – surely what’s important when you’re on a diet is that you eat less?

Sometimes, it’s worth having a reminder of the reasons why we want to do something – not just why we feel we should. Here are X great reasons to exercise:


Keeping Dieting Simple

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We often turn our diets into a huge, complicated mission.

We try, in vain, to absorb all the (conflicting) nutritional advice out there.

We obsess over details, and get caught up in trying to achieve perfection – berating ourselves when we don’t quite manage it.

It’s very easy to get paralysed by indecision when we’re trying to lose weight. Perhaps we can’t decide what diet we should follow. Maybe we have limited time and attention, and don’t know whether it’s better to exercise or to prepare elaborate raw-food meals.


Something’s Missing On Losing It With Jillian

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(Bob & Jillian – The Ying to my Yang)

So by now I’m sure most of you have watched Losing it With Jillian Michaels on NBC. For those who haven’t, the show revolves around Jillian living with overweight families for 1 week to figure out where they went wrong with their bodies, health, weight, habits, etc. Now, I really wanted to hate this show (mainly because of that signature hip pose she does in every picture she takes), but with each episode I grew a little fonder of what NBC and Jillian are trying to do. But not everyone seems to be able to tolerate the single dose of Jillian.


How to Avoid Boredom Eating

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One of the most common reasons for snacking is boredom.

If you’re hanging around without much to do – perhaps a slow day at work, or looking after kids – then it’s very easy to turn to food as a quick moment of interest.

You may convince yourself that you’re “peckish” or “hungry” every few hours, so that you have an excuse to eat. You may be going through a situation where, in some ways, food is the most interesting thing in your life – where your thoughts are constantly turning to the next snack or meal.


How to Get Motivated to Diet When You Have Lots of Weight to Lose

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If you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, you’ll have been overweight for a while – perhaps almost all your life.

It can be incredibly daunting to think about changing your habits and losing a significant amount of weight – but you can do it.

Are you feeling anxious about the journey ahead and wondering if it’s worthwhile or whether you’ll have the willpower to stick to your diet?

Here’s how to get motivated.

Aim to Lose 10% of Your Starting Weight

First, don’t set a target goal which takes you right down to a BMI of 20-25. Instead, aim to lose 10% of your starting weight.


How to Establish an Exercise Routine You Can Stick To

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How often have you started a new exercise plan, and given up after a week or two? Perhaps you planned to go to the gym three times a week after work, or you were going to do an hour of walking every day. You lasted for a few days – but then you were too busy, and too tired, to carry on.

To get real benefits from exercise, you want to find ways to stay consistently active – rather than exercising for brief, intense periods. (You’re also more likely to injure yourself if you exercise irregularly.) Here’s how to establish a routine which you can stick to.


How Quickly Can I Lose 20 Pounds?

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One of the questions I am most often asked is how to lose weight quickly. When someone has a special event coming up, they suddenly realize they would rather weigh 20 pounds or so less in order to fit into a certain outfit, or just to look more fit for the people they will be mingling with. Then, the race is on! How can I lose all this weight in a week or so?


Is This Diet Too Good to be True?

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lunchCreative Commons License photo credit: malias

With so many diets advertising quick weight loss and boasting to burn off the most fat, how can you tell which one will really work? Here are ten top warning signs that the latest fad diet really is too good to be true!

1. Weight loss is guaranteed! Nutrition is never an exact science, so no one diet can guarantee weight loss for everyone.


The 75 Percent Diet

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A few years ago, I came across a very simple dieting concept. No calorie counting, no weird diet foods, no skipping meals. It was simply this:

Eat 75% of whatever you normally eat.

So, if you’re currently eating a 40g bowl of cereal with milk for your breakfast, switch to a 30g bowl. If your usual lunch is a 300g baked potato, switch to a 225g one. And so on.

Why It Works

The theory behind this diet is that if your current food intake is keeping you overweight, reducing your intake by 25% will be enough for you to lose weight – probably 1-2lbs per week.


What is a Calorie?

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Ottawa Marathon 2010

We hear the word “calorie” used all the time when we discuss diets. You eat so many calories, burn off a number of calories in exercise, restrict calories to lose weight; but what exactly is a calorie? Technically, it’s a measure of heat, or energy. A calorie (actually a kilocalorie) is the amount of energy required to raise a kilogram of water one degree Celsius. The number of calories provided by a food is determined by using equipment called a bomb calorimeter to burn the food and measure the energy it yields. We obtain our energy from food, and we burn it through activity and daily body functions; or–if we have enough and don’t need any more at the time–we store it as fat. Later, our body cells can access the fat and receive calories from it.


Four Ways to Deal With “Trigger” Foods

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Have you ever scoffed down a cupcake or a bar of chocolate … only to ditch your diet for the rest of the day? Many of us have “trigger” foods. We label them as bad, and if we eat them, we invariably over-indulge. This leads to feeling that we’ve failed, and that we might as well give up.

Often, that giving up means that our diet isn’t just derailed for the day – we take the whole week off, or even quit dieting for months.

So, how can you deal with those “trigger” foods … and those diet-breaking moments? Here are a few different techniques to try.


Low-Calorie Dessert Ideas

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PieOne of the things I miss most when dieting is having dessert. So many desserts provide many hundreds of calories. Just one cup of ice cream or slice of pie can run over 500 calories: Indulging in treats like this can cause a pound of weight gain each week. Fear not! There are some tasty treats than run less than 200 calories–some as low as 100–that are actually good for you as well.


Why Very Low Calorie Diets are a Very Bad Idea

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Have you ever looked at a diet plan which promised an astonishing rate of weight loss – perhaps 10lbs in 2 weeks? Chances are, it relied on you drinking specially formulated drinks, or eating from a very restricted range of foods. “Very low calorie” diets are defined as diets which involve fewer than 800 calories per day, and are often liquid-only.

In the 21st century, we’ve become accustomed to very quick results. We have mobile phones, fast broadband, overnight shipping, instant downloads and so on. When it comes to dieting, though, technology hasn’t made a difference. Our bodies still work in just the same way that they worked thousands of years ago.



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