Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too With the Spatz Adjustable Balloon

Doctors have recently created a non-invasive approach to weight loss surgery. In a time where gastric re-routing surgeries and stomach shrinking measures are the weight loss rage, doctors have created an alternate approach that is equally effective and less invasive. The product was unveiled at digestive disease week held in New Orleans which brings together the world’s top physicians in areas of digestion and intestinal surgery. The product is called the Spatz adjustable balloon and it is inserted into the stomach as a method of decreasing the amount of food that can be eaten. The insertion process is done while the patient is conscious under sedation then the balloon is filled with water to decrease stomach mass. The amount of water in the balloon can be adjusted with a routine endoscopy procedure to meet the patient’s satisfaction and comfort levels.

After the insertion of the balloon the patient is to maintain a liquid diet for 3 days then resume normal eating on a 1200 calorie diet. There are no food restrictions, no supplements to take, no protein counting to be done as is the process with other major gastric re-routing surgeries.
In a 6 month pilot study of the product, 18 individuals were implanted with the balloon. 4 out of 5 of these individuals were able to lose and average of 50 lbs. Side effects of insertion were mild and included nausea and upset stomach for up to 5 days, however; none of the symptoms resulted in removal of the balloon. In regards to the balloon, Dr. Evzen Machytka of the University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic says “We believe that the results of this study underscore the potential of the Spatz balloon as a safer, longer-term non-surgical endoscopic approach to weight management than traditional intragastric balloons used today.”

With the balloon in place, its users can lose weight while maintaining a regular diet and live a life free from food restrictions, label reading, supplement taking and protein counting. The Spatz balloon is an exciting new option in weight loss for those looking to drop pounds without having major intestinal surgery.

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laurie said on May 30th at 8:05 am

This sounds quite similar to the Garren Gastric Bubble of the 1980’s. Alas, it was not successful in helping people lose weight–just because their stomach was full didn’t mean they were going to stop eating!


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