The Rice and Beans Diet – Inspiried by Dave Ramsey


For the millions of you that are familiar with FPU (Financial Peace University) Dave Ramsey’s rice and beans diet is old news. With his principles of getting out of debt, this “rice and beans” diet represents exercising self control on several different levels.

Dave Ramsey is a nationally syndicated radio host and author of the best selling book: The Total Money Makeover that has helped millions eliminate debt, and change the financial future for many families. If you have the book or listened to the radio show, you have heard both callers and Dave talk about living off of beans and rice. Let’s pretend for a moment that Dave literally meant to eat rice and beans at every meal.

At roughly $0.79 cents for a can of beans and $3.00 for a bag of rice, not only is it cheap but it’s also very nutritious. 1 serving of rice and beans is about 241 calories (1.2 grams of Fat, 11.1 grams of Protien, 43 grams of Carbohydrates, and 10.3 grams of dietary fiber). Some of you may be thinking that 43 grams of carbohydrates is ridiculous but these carbohydrates are not empty (i.e. just sugar). It’s a great source of energy and the dietary fiber will keep you full much longer than a McDonald’s hamburger that has the same amount of carbs.

The obvious problem with eating nothing but rice and beans is that the lack of variety will drive people up the wall. Good news is, there are plenty of ways to prepare beans and plenty of meats you can mix that are affordable including chicken breast, steak, or fish.

Here is my favorite way to prepare beans.

  • •4 Cans of Beans (Goya or Busch / Pinto)
  • •4 Tablespoons of Goya: Sofrito (or make your own sofrito)
  • •2 packs of Goya Sazon
  • •4 Tablespoons of a Goya Recaito (Cilantro Based seasoning).
  • •1 cup of water

Cook on medium heat in a pot w/ a cover and stir occasionally, You should have delicious beans ready in 20-30 minutes. All the ingredients above can be found in the Spanish aisle of your chain grocery stores (i.e. Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Food, etc).

We can debate the true meaning of Dave’s “rice and beans” diet. Is it a saying for us to be mindful about how much we budget for food every month? Or are people really eating this stuff everyday? Either way, we can agree that losing weight while slimming your budget is still very possible. It’s just a matter of shopping smarter.

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Nancy said on October 17th at 12:12 pm

Similar to how I make mines, but without the recaito, which is already included in the sofrito and I, also add potatoes. Great side dish.

Ernesto Martinez (Editor) said on October 17th at 4:06 pm

Thanks for Sharing Nancy.

Thatoneguy said on July 14th at 10:27 pm

Actually in Costa Rica, rice and beans is served with just about every meal. I think they know something.

biily said on November 5th at 2:58 pm

I eat rice and beans almost exclusively. Sometimes I add cheese when im feeling wild. I am now able to take an additional 12 hours off of work a week! I am not lazy I just have far more important things to do than slaving for a check just to eat some fancy meat from a microwave.

Nancy said on April 19th at 2:13 am

Carbs do not make you fat. I eat rice and beens / or noodles and beans every day. This makes a comlete protein and is very nutritious. I’m not fat either.

Derek said on August 11th at 12:39 am

I lived with 5 room mates in a two bedroom apartment and the only thing they would never touch of mine was the bag of beans and the bag of rice. Bunch of stoners that would never cook for themselves and lived off of 99 cent menu at Mcdonalds. I ate this for breakfast, lunch at work cold, and dinner. It was real rough because I barely had a job in this economy. Eventually I moved out because I couldn’t deal with the filth at the apt and got my own place and I still live a rice and beans diet. It’s very rough to get used to it at first but once you do it for a month it becomes second nature. I can tell you one thing I saved up a lot because of this diet and I’m still able to go to the gym stay in shape and go to the beach on the weekends, so anybody that’s thinking of trying it you just have to stick to it.

Ernesto (Editor) said on August 11th at 4:47 am

Thanks for sharing Derek. I do believe that the sacrifices you make today will allow a very comfortable lifestyle in the future. LOL… you’re right…. a bunch of stoners will not think about touching a pot or a pan :-)

Shaye said on December 14th at 2:41 pm

Just letting you know, I lost 14 pounds in less than 2 weeks on rice and beans with vitamins and no sugar or dairy whatsoever (and I didn’t even know it was a real diet until a few days ago). Plus, I have a few extra dollars in my pocket which comes in handy this time of year:)

Casey said on August 2nd at 10:37 am

I have been mixing salsa with beans and rice and eating it cold. I’m not adding any oils or meat or cheese. If anyone was interested in some variety, it’s a pretty different way to have beans and rice.

James said on August 19th at 2:44 pm

I brown dried pasta on the outside grill in veg oil till deep brown. Drain and put the pasta in the pressure cooker with the rice and cook as normal. Warm vegetarian re fried beans and serve with different salsas. I have lost 10 lbs in three weeks!
I reserve steaks on the grill for Saturday Night!
In expensive, Healthy, and I can wear some of my old clothes again.


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