Share Your Calories With a Friend

One of the best ways to diet is to share your calories with a friend! Think of all the foods that have a part you favor: maybe it’s the pizza you love, but not the crust; the icing but not the cake; the clams but not the chowder; the chocolate chips more than the cookie. I know some of you are saying, ‘I love ALL the parts’, but surely there are times you finish a portion you’re just not that into simply because it’s in front of you.

4.10.10Imagine all the calories you could save if you shared with a friend: splitting a sandwich, a dessert, a bag of popcorn or a platter of Chinese food can reduce your calorie intake by the hundreds! Start thinking about what you’re eating at each meal or snack… how do you feel when you’re halfway through? Have you had enough but keep eating because it would be a shame to throw it away? Does it sometimes occur to you, “I could save the rest of this for later”?

How often do you enjoy a meal or snack with someone else? Have they ever suggested to share a portion? Have you? Look at some of the labels on foods and beverages you consume: many bottles of soda, bags of chips, and even candy bars state right on the label there are 2 or 3 servings included in what looks like a serving for one! What if you shared your calories with a friend?

I’ll tell you what would happen: your friends would appreciate your sharing; they would welcome a small taste of the treat with only half the calories. And you? For every hundred calories you save each day you can lose about one pound by the end of the month–that’s over 10 pounds a year. Now doesn’t sharing sound like a bright idea?!

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