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Do you have a unique perspective on health, weight loss, exercise, mental wellness, dieting, or just life in general? Why not share your views with our audience. We are opening our doors to writers around the world wide web. Share your point of view with thousands of readers a month. Those accepted to participate will be allowed a “followed” link in their bio at the bottom of each of your post(s). You’ll also get listed on our About page as a contributor with another link. This is great opportunity to expose yourself to a new audience and get a new source of traffic to your website or blog. But before you take the time to fill out the form, please take a minute to read the rules.

House Rules – No Spam and Eggs Here

Although I’m sure your ideas and perspective will be fantastic, there are a couple of house rules to prevent web pollution.

  • No promotional hype or sales pitches allowed – Our mission is to provide a fun and informative experience for our readers. Let’s not spoil it with hustling magic powders, potions, or snake oils for weight loss.
  • In the form below, tell us a little about yourself and why you’re interested in guest writing for My Lifestyle Diet.
  • We don’t like sending our traffic just anywhere. That being said, the link you decide to use to represent yourself can impact your chances of being accepted to write for us.
  • Not everyone will be accepted. It’s really nothing personal. We know what our audience likes and we are pretty good and spotting people who just want a quick link. We are looking to build relationships, not rankings.


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