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The BodyMedia FIT is an electronic gadget worn as an armband that monitors various body systems to help individuals trying to lose weight or boost performance. The device uses multiple sensors to compile information on steps taken, body heat, amount of sleep and calories burned. BodyMedia Inc. was founded in 1999 and some armband activity monitors were previously sold under the GoWear FIT name.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Arm band is light-weight and comfortable. The sleekly designed device has an attractive modern look that can be hidden underneath a shirt or worn exposed.
  • The device is conveniently designed to charge when plugged into a computer and the status button provides anytime details on battery life.


  • Not only is there a high up-front fee of around $200, users are also required to pay a monthly fee to keep the electronic gadget active.
  • BodyMedia FIT is not waterproof so it is not wearable in the shower or when doing laps at the pool.


  • The BodyMedia FIT device requires wearing metal against the skin, those with a known metal allergy should consult their doctor prior to use.

How Does the BodyMedia Fit Work?

The BodyMedia FIT armband is placed on the upper part of the left arm and worn almost constantly. Multiple-sensors in the arm band continually collect data on motion, calories consumed, calories burned and much more. The armband, however, is not very useful without access to the activity monitor software and a membership account to the online website. Fortunately, a USB is included to sync up information from the device to the computer and give the user advanced tracking and monitoring options. The first time the USB is connected, users will be given the option to download the software and purchase a membership. Membership is available in 6 month, 12 month and month-to-month options.

Once an account is created, subscribers periodically hook up the device to their computer to send their information to the tracking website to get a number of personalized features. Among the many options available users can set daily targets, get nutritional assessments of foods eaten and track their weight loss. An optional display can also be purchased and synced up to the armband, allowing users to see the amount of steps taken or calories burned without going online.

BodyMedia Fit Conclusion

Losing weight and improving health is not just about exercising and consuming a low fat diet. For many individuals the key is actually having the right information. Those who are unaware of the amount of physical activity they get each day and who have no idea of the number of calories they consume can struggle to make smarter health decisions. BodyMedia FIT can be a convenient way for these individuals to be more accountable for their actions and get motivated to break bad habits. For more information visit the official BodyMedia Fit Website.

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Have only had the device three days of which it has worked as promised for 1. Each day a new set of problems. Documentation ordinary and support slow to missing. Hope I am wrong about this but I do not have a good feeling so far
Posted On:February 18, 2011, 2:11 pm


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