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Bowtrol Review: Overview

bowtrol bottleThere are many health and diet supplements on the market; so naturally, people are confused about which ones are effective and safe to take. One category that is receiving a lot of attention is that of colon cleansing. Out of the many products that are being sold, Bowtrol has stood out above the others.

However, this product is not without controversy. Many people are convinced that it is a superior product to take while others think it is a scam. What are the facts? What do colon cleansers do?

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Bowtrol is a colon cleanser that performs many useful activities which make the body healthier. It dislodges impacted fetal substances, promotes weight loss, and removes toxins. These are things that will keep you healthier.
  • Many of the over the counter colon cleansers are not safe but what sets Bowtrol apart from the others is that it has all natural ingredients making it a safer and more effective product.
  • Bowtrol has a 96% success rating and was graded as very effective. More impressive is that improvements were seen in two days.
  • Bowtrol was rated number one by the same independent lab.
  • Bowtrol is manufactured under the standards of the FDA and is considered safe.
  • 90 day return policy.


While many people are convinced of the value of Bowtrol, many other doubt their claims. As impressive is the case for Bowtrol, the case against it is equally as impressive.

  • Bowtrol is made by Ultra Herbals but there is little information available about the company. This is a danger sign because, since this product is taken orally, company information should be readily accessible for the consumer to have faith that they are standing behind their product.
  • There is little information on most health blogs that mention any side effects from Bowtrol. This is a good sign but the company does acknowledge that in some cases there may be stomach bloating or cramps.
  • Bowtrol contains Senna, Casara Sagrada, and Bentonite clay in their pills. This is problematic for those who have had previous bowel issues and these ingredients may make the problems worse.


1 month supply of Bowtrol costs $39.95


Bowtrol Ingredients

Bowtrol Conclusion

In filtering through the information on Bowtrol, there is much more positive feedback to this product than negative. That means that the product is either very good or that people who have had a problem with it are not publicizing it. Most of the feedback stated that Bowtrol was the best colon cleaner on the market. It is always wise to consult a doctor before starting on any kind of supplement program. Get their advice on any product that you plan to consume so that you are aware of the benefits and of the possible damages. For more information...

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