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Lift and Tone Your Derrière with the Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift

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The Brazil Butt Lift is a workout DVD system designed to shape up the derrière through cardio, dance fitness routines and body sculpting moves. The popular fitness program comes from Beachbody, a recognized company that has created a number of highly rated and consumer approved fitness products including Slim in 6 and Yoga Booty Ballet. Geared towards women, the program is intended to help ladies get the shapely, rounded bottoms that have become associated with Brazilian women. The DVD program is hosted by Leandro Carvalho; the Brazilian trainer has reportedly worked with many super-models in his home country.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Beachbody has been in business for over a decade and has a high track record of providing unexpected weight loss results. The online community support is also a nice touch.
  • The Brazil Butt Lift does a good job of making exercise fun. Samba and other Latin dance tracks keep the energy pumping.


  • The product is not designed for men.
  • The limited scope of the product may not be helpful for those looking to drop a significant amount of weight or focus on the upper body.

How Does Brazil Butt Lift Work?

Medium intensity routines, done from countless angles are part of the philosophy used in the Brazil Butt Lift system. According to the official product website, Carvalho uses a unique training method that works the three major muscle groups of the derrière all at once. When ordering, women will receive an entire kit not just one DVD. The entire system contains multiple routines that are around 20 to 30 minutes in length. To get started, women complete The Basics workout to learn the signature moves used by Carvalho. Once comfortable with the routine, women can progress through a number of workouts that lift, tone and shape the lower body. A cardio blast is provided to give a head to toe workout and booty resistance bands are supplied to firm up even the most resistant areas.

Brazil Butt Lift Conclusion

For women who are already in decent shape but just want that extra oomph, the Brazil Butt Lift is worth looking into. The focus on the rear end will likely lift a sagging bottom so women look better in their jeans and have the confidence to wear a bikini at the beach. Although the DVD program puts its main focus on butt exercises the tummy tuck and cardio sections may help make the program more appropriate for those looking for a full body sculpting routine. For more info, visit the official Brazil Butt Lift Website.

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