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Beachbody has done it again - adding yet another weight loss product to their long line of DVD workout series. The newest addition may be one of the most hard-core products that that company has ever released for women. Named chaLEAN Extreme, Beachbody alleges that female users will actually eliminate over half of their body fat in just three months on the program. The series is lead by Chalene Johnson, already familiar to Beachbody users who have utilized her popular Turbo Jam fitness DVD's.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Most users report looking more toned, decreasing body fat percentages and losing inches after using the program.
  • With a different phase each month and different workouts for every day of the week, boredom is not an issue.


  • The program is mainly designed with women in mind. Men interested in a similar product or women who want an even greater challenge may want to consider using Beachbody’s famous P90X or Intensity Workout hard-core conditioning DVD's.
  • chaLEAN Extreme starts out at moderate intensity and requires lifting heavier weights than many other programs geared towards women.

How Does chaLEAN Extreme Work?

Chalene does not try to reinvent the wheel here or impress exercisers with “secret techniques” or other gimmicks. Her approach is actually simple, build more muscle to burn more fat. To achieve this Chalene uses workouts that are designed to promote lean muscle mass and optimize fat burning. chaLEAN Extreme is designed to be a 90 day program, split into different resistance training rotations each month. Phase 1 is the burn phase and uses moderate intensity training including weight lifting for conditioning. In phase 2, or the push phase, heavy weights are used that leave users shaking and pushing themselves past their endurance levels. According to Chalene, this will quickly convert fat to muscle. In phase 3, or the lean phase, routines are mixed up and dynamic sequencing is included to slim the entire body and create lean muscles. Weight lifting is not the only focus, however; each level also contains intense cardio and flexibility workouts.

chaLEAN Extreme Conclusion

The chaLEAN Extreme DVD series is based on a common sense approach to burning the fat and getting the lean, sleek muscles that most women desire. The product comes with a full 90-day refund policy that allows women to complete the entire program before deciding whether or not they wish to keep it. The fat burning focus of the program along with the recipes, nutrition tips and other extras makes the chaLEAN program a good investment. For more info, visit the official chaLEAN Extreme Website.

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