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Overview is a website that offers a huge array of advice on diet and nutrition. tailors a diet plan to suit your starting weight and personality, which should make the diet easier to follow. The site also provides exercise advice. A seventy-question personality test is administered when you join the site and from this a personalized diet program is designed for you. The program aims to focus on the person following the diet, not the diet.

Pros and Cons to Consider

  • Personalized program
  • Massive amount of advice and resources at the touch of a button
  • Basic membership is free
  • Diets and tips are available for all kinds of “problems” such as post pregnancy, breast-feeding or disabled dieters.
  • Programs that provide extra support are provided
  • Site is full of recipes and stories to keep you interested and motivated
  • Regular pod casts and emails.
  • Forums and team challenges available
  • Long term tools to promote maintenance.
  • Limited access with free membership package.
  • No face to face contact
  • Site has so much information that it can be difficult to navigate
How works aims to provide a personalized approach to dieting. They recommend a diet that will suit your personality and then provide tools to help you stick to it. The site provides videos and pod casts to demonstrate exercises, give motivational talks and keep customers up to date with the latest news. The site has reviews of other diet programs that allow you to compare the diets.

Conclusion provides a huge array of advice and articles for an aspiring dieter, so much in fact that it can be confusing navigating your way around the site. offers a long-term approach to weight loss. It does’t offer quick fix solutions but encourages lifestyle changes. It is used by several US hospitals as part of their weight loss programs. For more information visit

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