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Diet Power


Diet power is a downloadable weight loss program that is used right from your computer. The program is divided into chapters where you set goals, record your food intake, and exercise output. The program records your intake and output and logs your progress towards your goal. The program will track blood pressure, blood sugar, pregnancy or any other parameter you want to set.  Diet Power logs your nutrient intake so you can track how healthy your diet is. Diet Power also functions as your personal nutrition coach on your computer.

Pros and Cons to Consider

diet power boxPros

  • One time payment.
  • Easy to use on the basic level with lots of help available on use.
  • Conversational style
  • Home made recipes can be added to the food list.
  • Color coded food choices make it easy to select foods
  • In depth nutrition available for those that want it
  • One year money back guarantee
  • On-line user forum
  • Reasonably priced in comparison to similar products
  • An exercise log is included


  • Starting to use the advanced functions can be a little confusing
  • Entering your own recipes may take a little time to get the hang of.

How Diet Power works

You set your goals and you eat what you want. The program tells you how many calories you have eaten, and how many you have used and calculates whether you are on track to lose weight. Diet power also tracks water and specific nutrient intake, prompting dietary changes where needed.


Diet power is a useful tool for tracking your diet and exercise. It functions in the same way a notebook does for manual calorie counting. It does has a lot of additional information that you don't get with typical calorie counters.

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