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Overview is a free weight loss plan aimed at women. is free because it features offers and advertising that you have to navigate through to reach the free weight loss program. The offers are for cosmetics samples and money off coupons for your groceries so they can be interesting. If you are not interested it is simple to skip them, the site is still free.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Free weight loss program
  • Rewards program
  • Daily meal plans provided
  • Weekly newsletter and daily motivator page
  • Promotes exercise, either create your own program or use one they have designed.
  • Flexible eating plans
  • Hundreds of recipes
  • Access to nutritional information on over 40,000 foods.


  • No program information available without sign up
  • Site is for women only.

How works is a calorie count based diet. You design your own program from the recipes provided on the site and can search a vast database to add your own recipes and foods easily. The site adds up your calorie intake for you. adds many additional benefits in terms of motivational articles, a free lottery and a points based rewards program.

Conclusion is a great free website. Many weight loss sites are expensive to join and don't offer the benefits of You design your own program from the recipes available on the site and can input favorite recipes and foods so that you never need to feel deprived. has the additional benefit off a rewards program and lottery for prizes.

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