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EODD Uses Calorie Shifting to Promote Weight Loss

Every Other Day Diet


The Every Other Day Diet Overview

The Every Other Day Diet is an eBook offered by Jon Benson and Janis Hauser. Both Jon and Janis are formerly obese individuals who were able to lose weight without turning to surgery. They then parlayed their success into careers as fitness coaches and fitness writers. Their weight loss eBook, commonly referred to as EODD is a diet that distances itself from traditional diet plans. Marketing itself as a nutritional plan that will work for the rest of your life, EODD is gaining support from some satisfied dieters.

EODD Pros and Cons


  • A long list of bonuses are included with purchase including an online virtual exercise demonstrator and The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint which claims to help dieters lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days. 10 other bonuses are included.
  • The diet is simple to follow and offers dieters the ability to customize their plan with 3 possible levels they can follow based on how much weight they want to lose.
  • Instead of only focusing on what you eat, the EODD looks at the emotional aspects of losing weight. Dieters are taught that they have to dedicate themselves to making a change, be willing to exercise to get the weight off and be patient. Understanding that massive weight loss cannot happen overnight.
  • PDF is available for download immediately after purchase.
  • 30 Days of free coaching is available


  • Although calorie cycling allows for a variety of foods (including fatty foods most diets exclude), it should not be considered a pass to eat everything in sight. A strong nutritional plan is required to get the most out of calorie cycling.
  • Program claims of 21lbs in 21 days does not meet the dietician recommended weight loss rate of 1-2lbs a week.
  • The EODD eBook does not have a detailed exercise plan in chapter 7. Only two pages in the eBook are dedicated to exercise. Jon recommends another book titled 7 Minute Muscle for a full workout routine.

Dietitian ReviewedDietitian's Notes

The Every Other Day Diet claims to work by a scientific principle of eating lean protein foods on alternate days, and having some foods you like in moderation on other days. The “not so secret video” explains this is how cavemen stayed in shape! They ate lean protein and never had a consistent intake.  They didn't eat rice or potatoes or vegetables because these weren't readily available.  Hmm, what else was it about the cave men? Oh yeah, I think their life expectancy was about 23 years. 

This diet will work for most people because it limits calorie intake; not because it's working with your body chemistry to perform a secret fat burning trick. You burn your body fat (the way your body stores energy) when you eat fewer calories than you burn.

The food plan is laid out plainly to tell you exactly what you should eat and how much. If you want to be told specifically what to eat, you'll like this part. He even includes recipes for meals and snacks.

How Does the Every Other Day Diet Program Work?

The EODD uses a propriety eating method called SNAPP which stands for Shake, Nuts, Apples, Protein, and Produce. SNAPP uses calorie cycling in order to stimulate weight loss. Dieters eat high protein meals one day to burn fat then consume their favorite foods within moderation on the following day. The constant change in eating calories keeps the metabolism from becoming sluggish and ensures dieters will consume fewer calories than they need, burn fat and lose weight. Some people choose to fast to obtain similar results but fasting is not a part of this program nor is it recommended. Recipes, meal plans, and eating schedules are included in eBook.

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Every Other Day Diet Conclusion

The EODD comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee and offers a number of bonuses that are well worth the price. The diet is easy to follow, innovative and customer feedback on the program is high. But make no mistake, Jon makes it very clear at the beginning of the ebook that you will have to be dedicated, willing, and reasonable to make the program a success. The inclusion of a weight maintenance plan and a plan specifically for body builders and athletes makes the Every Other Day Diet a program everyone will enjoy.

Editors Note: Random comments and the occasional forum or blog post mentioning EODD is a scam does not appear to be accurate. We have purchased and reviewed this diet in detail and the information provided was accurate and actionable.

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Teresa Lamarre
I think because I love veges and fruit, and I have always had a vita mixer, I just happen to grow blueberries, and strawberries, this has been easier for me, and now I have learned to drink more water, all along my husband and I have had everything on the list we love, just didn't know that the every other day diet, works, it makes sense, your body is tricked, and the pounds come off. There are some days weekends that are difficult, but I try to come back to the eodd, cause it works...thank you.
Posted On:July 30, 2011, 10:59 pm
judy lynn frank
I would like to buy the book , but I want a hard copy , I am old school and really enjoy having a book I can take with me , where ever I am . Is there a version available ? If so what is the cost to get it shipped to B.C Canada
Posted On:April 13, 2011, 10:43 am
hi i stumbled across this today by accident i have never heard of this diet before.Im livin in Ireland and struggle with my weight daily.I really like what i have read about this book and i would like to purchase the book but dont have a visa card. Is there any shops that supply this book in Ireland or is it only possible to get it online from the USA????
Posted On:February 4, 2011, 5:53 am
Believe it or not some of us still have "dial up" internet and ebooks take too long to download. Why can't I buy a hard copy with a reasonable shipping cost?
Posted On:November 4, 2010, 11:08 am
I was wondering if the actual book could be purchased, I would rather have a hard copy.
Posted On:September 25, 2010, 6:21 am
Inquired about ordering the hard copy version of this program. Customer Service rep responded fairly quickly with link to order hard copy. However, when I started to order and got down to shipping cost, I was very disappointed to see the shipping cost was over $50 for a $9.95 hard copy book. Needless to say, I won't be ordering until the shipping cost is realistic. This turned me off everything positive I've read about the EODD, and made me think this is in fact a scam.
Posted On:August 25, 2010, 7:37 am
This is a great program and I have been using it for a while and it really works. Its easy to follow and honestly Jon is among the few people in this business who responds to any questions you may have. People need to realize that on your feed meal don't go crazy all day. Decide on what you want to treat yourself with and eat that but don't pig out on it. Everything done in moderation is good for you. Just like starvation is bad, so is pigging out.
Posted On:August 23, 2010, 7:58 pm
I have a difficult time imagining that anyone couldn't get a refund. I purchased the original EODD about three years ago, then my computer promptly died a sad, painful death. Two years later I sent Jon an email asking for another copy. He sent me the new, updated version 2 absolutely free.
Posted On:July 7, 2010, 6:20 pm
Tried it for about 2 months but did not get any weight loss results. Maybe I was too liberal with some foods on the "ok to have" days, I'm not sure. I tried to eat with moderation, make healthy choices whenever possible, and do some physical activity (although my health issues prevent free movement on many days). I'm currently on the Warrior Diet (been on it for about 6 months) and this is actually working for me - my eating habits were always pretty much in line with Ori's "diet" so I like it and find it effortless to follow.
Posted On:June 10, 2010, 10:37 pm
Jon Benson, Author
Hi all, I'm the author of "The Every Other Day Diet." Several folks have said they tried to get a refund with no success. I would invite anyone who questions the validity of our support to visit our support desk. The link is included in the product purchase and on the homepage. We built an automatic refund process for our users. With a few clicks they can get a refund, no problem. So for those who say "scam", I say go here: http://help.jonbenson.com Our phones are answered only during business hours, but phone calls are ALWAYS returned. Finally, our refund rate is only 5%, and few people have any problems managing to find our support desk since it's clearly indicated on: 1. The home page 2. The product download page 3. Every initial email sent Thanks, Jon
Posted On:May 25, 2010, 8:10 pm
Paid for my book and never got it and i cant get in touch with ANYBODY to refund my money IT IS A SCAM BUYER BEWARE
Posted On:May 22, 2010, 7:32 am
I purchased this diet in December 09. I've lost over 30 pounds, and I really like it. It's easy and doesn't require a lot of preparation. I'm eating more fruits and veggies than I've ever eaten, and I enjoy the ease of a protein shake for breakfest. I would recommend this diet to anyone. I haven't been completely faithful to the rules of the diet, and I've still seen a great loss. I've recently added exercise so I'm hoping to reach my goal weight by summer's end. Good luck everyone!
Posted On:May 6, 2010, 11:03 am
Betsy Lundgren
I ordered it and realized it was not going to work. I tried to cancel it immediately and no body answers the phone. I guess this is a scam.
Posted On:May 5, 2010, 1:15 pm
Ernesto (YOAD Staff)
@Maria - Hi Maria. Thanks for your comments. Honestly, the SNAPP name (Shakes, Nuts, Apples, Protein and Produce) is really more of a catchy name than anything else. Those allergic to apples and nuts will do just fine eating the other recommended foods on the program. Apples can be replaced with another fruit, and nuts can be replaced with another with another protein source. Honestly, it's just a catchy name they came up with :-)
Posted On:April 15, 2010, 3:49 pm
Hi! From your text It sounds like this is not a diet for people with apple- and nut-allergies. It would be great if you specifically pointed that out. Or are there alternatives?
Posted On:April 15, 2010, 5:57 am
Ernesto (YOAD Staff)
@Ian - Hi Ian. Yes, On page 49 of the ebook it states that the SNAPP eating method is perfect for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Thanks for stopping by.
Posted On:March 13, 2010, 7:30 am
Does EODD have vegetarian options?
Posted On:March 12, 2010, 4:14 pm
All I have to say is this ebook rocks. Awesome info, easy to read, and most important... I see results.
Posted On:February 3, 2010, 6:58 pm
David Jackson
Don't do it!! I payed recieved the email with the download link which lead to an error message "Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_connect() in /home/daydiet/public_html/members2/downloads/41.php on line 34" When I tried for a refund recieved a could not find my order message. Can't actually get technical support just bounced back and forth
Posted On:February 2, 2010, 2:02 pm
Ernesto Martinez (YOAD Staff)
@Deana - Hi Deana. If you are pregnant, I would recommend checking with your doctor to confirm what your daily caloric intake should be. Since the Every Other Day Diet uses calorie shifting (where you eat more calories on some days than on others) this is important to know in order to make sure you and the baby get the right amount of nutrients. You should be able to follow this program as long as you do not go below the doctor recommended caloric intake. Hope this helps.
Posted On:January 20, 2010, 4:37 pm


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