Fat Free Foods... Good or Bad?

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Low Fat

Will Low Fat & Fat Free Foods get you anywhere?

During a typical trip to the grocery store, you will see literally dozens of low-fat / fat-free foods everywhere.

Everyone seems to be on a "fat free" craze. In fact, most people actually believe that if they simply change their diet to "low-fat" or "fat-free" foods they would automatically get rid of the unwanted fat. This makes perfect sense right?


The truth is, a lot of these products have a significant amount of sugar to counterbalance the bland taste from removing most (if not all) of the fat. Since sugar is broken down into glucose in the body, it gets processed just like carbohydrates and stored as fat (based on the needs of your body). If you read the nutrition labels for these low-fat / fat-free brands you will notice a hefty amount of both sugar & carbohydrates per serving.

Honestly, the low-fat / fat-free marketing in todays society is a way of making the consumer believe they are making healthy choices about their eating habits. But the reality is, fat calories are not the enemy.

It's all about combining the right foods (containing healthy fats, proteins, and carbs) in the right proportions for each meal.

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