Fitness Model Program Review
Get The Body Of A Super Model Using the Fitness Model Program
Fitness Model Program

Fitness Model Program Overview

With a name like the Fitness Model Program, no one should be surprised that a fitness model created the program. The brains behind the program is Jennifer Nicole Lee, a fitness model who is also a ACE certified fitness trainer, fitness book writer and owns her own fitness and wellness empire, JNL, Inc.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Jennifer is well suited to creating the Fitness Model Program. The former Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Bikini Universe used to weigh over 200 pounds and has years of experience in physical training.
  • Bonuses offered with purchase include a look at how to kill cravings and a bikini boot camp program to blast fat and tone up muscle quickly.
  • The program is specifically catered to creating and building a toned feminine female physique. The Fitness Model Program is a plan that new mothers with excess baby weight to lose and women of all ages and fitness levels can follow.
  • The program is not only about weight loss. The focus on tanning, teeth whitening and make-up may help women feel better about their appearance as they lose weight and create the complete package.


  • The Fitness Model Program may create unreachable expectations. The program advertises that regardless of age and genetic makeup women can achieve a flat stomach and banish cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Dieters may get bored with following pictures to exercise. However, exercise DVD's can also be used with the program.

How Does The Fitness Model Program Work?

The Fitness Model Program is available in two different editions, a basic edition for $97 and a deluxe edition for $127. The deluxe edition includes several additional bonus eBooks that focus on easy changes that will add up to weight loss, methods of jump starting weight loss and what to avoid when trying to lose weight. Jennifer advocates exercising for an hour for 4 to 6 days a week. All exercises can be done at home and only dumbbells, an exercise bench and a workout mat are needed. Nutrition is also a part of the program with a food plan formula, grocery list and recipes included. A section on time management will help women make the most of their time and fit exercise into their daily lives.

Dietician's Notes

Dietitian ReviewedIf you view the website for the Fitness Model Program you get a lot of encouraging words about how you, too, can look like a fitness model, without having to join an expensive gym and work out for 3 hours a day! Perhaps there is some genetic involvement in how great a person can look through regular exercise and eating healthy. When viewing the “before” picture of Jennifer at a stated 200 pounds just after the birth of her child–70 pounds overweight according to her–she looks like many of us would kill to look right now. In fact, in my opinion she looks just as good as the other “after” model does at 120 pounds.  Admittedly, her own after picture shows much leaner legs, a much flatter stomach, and a much (much) smaller bust after developing and refining her own program. It’s clear she spent a lot of time working out. Yet the program’s expectations of work-out time vary from “less than 3 hours a day” to “less than 60 minutes 4 times a week” to “one hour 4 to 6 times a week”. Any way you slice it, you’re going to have to step up to the plate and commit to a few hours of exercise in order to get this type of body!

There is a brief video showing exercises she does in the privacy of her own home using her 30 pound toddler to assist her with sit-ups, squats, and push-ups: A great way to get mommy time in while doing a workout. There is also a video of her on the Oprah show, taking us through her life as she was determined to lose the weight and get a hot body. But Oprah does not mention trying this program out herself… I can’t help but wonder why not?

The diet part is briefly mentioned while the main focus is on exercise. I take offense to some of her comments when she tells viewers not to waste their money on seeing a nutrition professional: ”Nutritionists do not specialize in sports-related goals” and “Dietitians only rely on the word ‘diet’” are two of her claims.  There are, in fact, many dietitians and nutritionists who are highly qualified to specialize in sports-related diets, and dietitians do focus on lifestyle changes including activity–never on “going on a diet”.

Most of her “myths debunked” are ridiculous, like “I will have to compete onstage to have a body like a Fitness Model” or “I have to know gymnastics and be able to do fancy flips and jumps” or “I’ll have to pay a lot to fly to a seminar offering a fitness camp”. Who thinks this?

What’s the diet like? It sounds like it could be sensible, with a focus on protein, small meals, and eating frequently throughout the day. However, some of  what her diet plan includes, such as the “foods you must eat in order to lose weight” reduce her credibility with me.

If you want to get fit, this fitness model may have some great workout advice for you. If you’re looking for an easy way out or a fad diet, one thing I respect is that she does not imply that you can get it easily!

Fitness Model Program Conclusion

Jennifer brings over 20 years of experience to the table and her eBook offers practical weight loss advice. Her focus on teaching women to manage their time and avoiding procrastination to reach their weight loss goals will help women get the sleek toned bodies they desire.

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I used to do modeling during my early 20's but have since lost my figure. I got inspired by Jennifer one day after seeing her interview on TV. So I purchased the plan and hope to get my body back.
Posted On:January 2, 2010, 9:40 pm


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