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Five Factor Diet

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Who doesn’t want to try a diet that has helped big name celebrities like Eva Mendez, Alicia Keys, & Kane West get into shape? If it worked for them, then it would most certainly work for you right?  Maybe… but you have a greater chance of success if the program was developed by celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak.  Once only available to Hollywood celebrities, the 5 factor diet is now online and ready to provide those who always wanted their own Hollywood body a chance.

five factor diet bookWhat is the five factor diet?

The 5 factor diet is a program with a “keep it simple” approach using the following principles.

5 Week Plan: The diet is supposed to provide results within 5 weeks of use.

5 Meals a Day: Eating 5 meals a day to reduce hunger.

5 Ingredient Meals: Keep it simple. Harley provides a list of recipes and meal plans that can be created in 5 minutes.

25 Minute Workouts: Harley feels having shorter, more frequent workouts is better than spending too much time at the gym.

5 cheat days in 5 weeks: That’s 1 cheat meal a week.

The diet is not only available online but you can also purchase the 5 factor diet book at your local bookstore or online at amazon.com

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Harley Pasternak has a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences.
  • Program offers a lifestyle approach to weight loss.
  • Diet comes with online tools such as: Daily meal planner, Food Log, Eating out Guide, Weight tracker, daily inspiration, and more.
  • Affordable at $5.00 a week
  • Meal delivery service available for those with busy schedules.
  • Exercise plan included with the diet.
  • The meal delivery plan is expensive at around $449.70 a week.

Cheat Meals?

We really liked the idea of incorporating cheat meals into the diet. In fact, having cheat meals can really refresh and help a dieter stay focused & motivated.  Some may not agree with this approach as eating cheat meals could impair ones will power (or ability to say STOP) and lead to binge eating.


The Five Factor Diet is only as good as the person following it.  If you can strap on your workout shoes and lace up your eating habits this diet may work for you.  For more information visit the official 5 Factor Diet website.

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