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The Natural Appetite Suppressant?

Hoodia Patch

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Similar to the very-well known nicotine patch or birth control patch, weight loss patches are beginning to pop up regularly as an alternative to capsules and shakes for those who want a hassle-free, thought-free solution to losing weight. These hoodia patches are adhered directly to the skin and are described as having only one purpose- reducing the user’s appetite, to ensure they eat less, burn more calories and drop the pounds.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Each patch contains nothing but pure hoodia and is free from stimulants, fillers and unnecessary synthetic ingredients.
  • Many users will appreciate not having to count their calories, remember to take pills each day or follow a strict diet.
  • With a 6-month money-back guarantee, users can try the product to their hearts content and be confident that the product works as advertised.


  • There is little established evidence that weight loss patches work. There is also no evidence suggesting that a topical patch will work better than ordinary hoodia that is orally ingested.
  • Each patch only contains 40 mg of hoodia, the recommended daily dosage is often 200 mg or higher.


  • Hoodia can also suppress thirst. Dieters should remember to drink plenty of fluids when using any products containing hoodia.

How Does The Hoodia Patch Work?

The only ingredient included in the Hoodia Patch is 40 mg of pure hoodia gordonii, a cactus like plant that is indigenous to the Kalahari Desert. The San Bushman of the area, have used hoodia for centuries as an appetite suppressant when going on long hunting trips. Users simply place a patch on an area of skin and the patch does the rest of the work, slowly releasing the hoodia into the bloodstream. By wearing the patch and making sensible eating choices, the products manufacturers claim that dieters will be able to consistently drop pounds.

Hoodia Patch Conclusion

Unlike the birth control patch or nicotine patch, the Hoodia Patch, has not undergone the same rigorous scientific reviews and clinical trials, therefore it is hard to determine if the patch is capable of doing what it claims; however, for those interested in taking the patch no side effects or interactions have been reported. As the patch is easy to disguise under clothing and is a simple technique to try, some users may find it useful as part of a larger weight loss plan that also includes daily physical activity, weight lifting and a restricted calorie diet. For more info, visit the official Hoodia Patch Website.

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