Master Your Metabolism Review
By: Jillian Michaels

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Master Your Metabolism Review

master your metabolismMany people recognize Jillian Michaels as a tough hard hitting trainer from the hit television show the biggest loser. After years of building credibility and trust with her audience Jillian has become a very successful author. Her newest title "Master Your Metabolism" is a book dedicated to individuals who have had difficulty losing as little as 1 pound.

Fans and readers will have an honest insight into problems Jillian has dealt with herself, as she opens up about a problem she discovered that made weight loss extremely difficult. In this book Jillian reveals an alternative to low calorie diets and long stressful work out weeks. The reader can expect a large variety of recourses such as great shopping, easy recipes, an impressive hormone trigger chart, and how to purchase foods with high quality protein on a budget.

Master Your Metabolism Pros and Cons


  • Have a more energized body simply by changing the diet.
  • Learn how to maintain a great figure while still eating as many as 2000 calories daily.
  • Helps readers understand what foods trigger hormones that cause cravings.
  • Book contains a list of top health food stores, as well as great meals, and many
    other helpful sources.


  • Will have minimal affect on people who are not willing to change their lifestyle.
  • Some of the meal plans do not have portions sizes listed.

How Does This Plan Work?

Readers will first be introduced to a vital step in weight loss, this involves individuals removing the worst anti nutrients (which includes fat-free foods, artificial sweeteners, and other "healthy" food items). These anti nutrients can be dangerous because they are not only found in foods you love, but may also be found in foods that you are convinced may help your dieting struggles.

Once foods that speak to the hormones have been eliminated you will discover how to incorporate different foods that will initiate your body’s fat burning genes. Readers will understand how natural chemicals such as estrogen, insulin, and testosterone can determine how the foods you eat may affect your body.

What you can expect to get is a better understanding of the damage processed and inorganic foods can do to your figure. This not only an important concept for weight loss but also applies to staying healthy in general.


The reason anti diet books have gained a substantial amount of momentum is largely in part to the reality that no one wants to be miserable just to be thin. Many people are finding that a good plan is a much better option to starving.

It is no secret that almost every natural body function is controlled by your hormones. Once you understand which foods affect your body the most negatively, your diet becomes a lot more manageable. This book provides readers with tips and answers for novices to experts.

Jillian has received a lot of praise for her previous novels and has become a well respected diet and fitness expert. This book is definitely recommended for people who have been discouraged by past weight loss failures and are looking for a different ways to improve their life and health.

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