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Rapid Fire Weight Loss with Extreme Fat Loss Diet

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Diets do not come more intense than the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, a down-loadable weight loss package consisting of written manuals and audio components with the unique goal of helping dieters lose 25 pounds in just 25 days. The creator behind the rapid weight loss package is Joel Marion. The fitness coach is well-known in the fitness business for creating the popular Cheat Your Way Thin dieting program.

Pros and Cons to Consider

  • Unlike most down-loadable weight loss programs, Joel offers a free trial. In fact, dieters can try out the package for $5 and pay the remainder of the balance on day 26!
  • With the variety of exercises and eating strategies to choose from dieters will be less likely to become bored with the program.
  • The ability to quickly drop 25 pounds may be the perfect motivational tool for those with large amounts of weight to lose.


  • Losing large amounts of weight in a short period may be dangerous.
  • The included exercises can be intense! Beginners will have to push themselves to keep up. Those with mobility issues or health conditions might want to check with their doctor before implementing the workouts.

How Does the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Work?

Instead of just one workout and one nutrition program, the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet contains 5 different cycles that repeat for 25 days. Together these cycles are designed to support fat burning and promote the development of lean muscle mass.

During the Cheat Day, dieters get to indulge in their favorite foods such as fries and pizza. According to Marion, this will help dieters up their leptin levels, a hormone associated with boosting the metabolism. Dieters will also participate in density training to build lean muscles during the cycle. During Shake Day, dieters will consume few calories and get the bulk of these calories from nutritional shakes. Strength training will be done to support existing lean muscle.

The Fast Day is likely to be the most difficult cycle of the plan for most dieters. Very few calories are consumed to allow the body to burn more calories than taken in, causing the body to burn stored fat. A lactic acid workout will also be done to rev up the number of calories burned.

The fourth cycle of the program is called Moderate Carb Day, a plan where dieters eat an equal mix of proteins and fats (30 %) and the remaining 40% of the diet comes from carbohydrates. The cycle will boost energy levels to allow dieters to engage in the Dynamic Training workout. The Depletion Day, is the fifth cycle, it involves eating mainly protein and doing a lactic acid workout to step up fat burning.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Conclusion

Although some of the weight loss is likely to be due to water weight, dieters who are willing to put in the work on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet should still be to able to get significant results. After completing the initial 25 day plan, the program can be used indefinitely with short breaks in-between to maximize weight loss. It seems clear that the plan is a good investment for those seeking to lose 5 pounds or those trying to drop 50 pounds or more. Click here for more information about the XFLD diet.
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