NutriSystem Vegetarian Plan
With NutriSystem... Veggie Lovers Might Be Disappointed

Nutrisystem Vegetarian

NutriSystem Overview

NutriSystem has been around since the 1970s. Initially, NutriSystem sold a liquid based diet plan until the company went bankrupt. Returning a few years later, NutriSystem now offers prepackaged, portion controlled meals that customers can simply heat and eat instead of worrying about counting calories or tracking their portion sizes. NutriSystem's vegetarian meal plans are the newest offering by the company. Plans for men, women, diabetics and older dieters are also offered. Meals are ordered online and can be shipped anywhere in the United States or Canada

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing NutriSystem


  • NutriSystem offers online, phone or email based consultations with weight loss counselors at no extra cost.
  • The program has an online community and dieters can motivate each other through chat rooms and discussion boards.
  • NutriSystem is less expensive than eDiets, Jenny Craig, and other major meal replacement programs.
  • Complete nutritional information and ingredients list can be viewed for each food item available and dieters can completely customize their own menus.
  • Though dieters have complained about the taste, texture and smell of NutriSystem meals, their vegetarian meals are given higher ratings in taste and overall appeal.
  • The NutriSystem diet also includes interactive tools to track weight loss, measurements and amount of exercise done.
  • Prepackaged Vegetarian meals require no refrigerator and offer a convenient option for vegetarians with no time or knowledge of how to prepare vegetarian meals.


  • Vegetarian meals still contain dairy and egg products and meals are high in sodium.
  • Though the program is portion controlled, low in calories and fat, dieters still have to spend money and add fresh fruits, vegetables and salads to complete a meal.


  • NutriSystem is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

How Does NutriSystem Works?

NutriSystem meals are based on the glycemic index, or GI. By eating low GI carbohydrates, NutriSystem believes less fluctuation will occur in our blood sugar, giving dieters increased energy and making them feel fuller for longer. NutriSystem prepackaged food items include breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, items also include protein and fiber to help dieters feel full. The program contains 28 days of meals and dieters supplement the meals with additional fruits, vegetables, drinks and other items bought from the grocery store. Breakfast items include grains, oatmeal and cereals, while lunch and dinner items contain soups, pastas and potatoes. For dessert chocolate, cakes and cookies are offered. The total cost for one month of food, is about $300, though dieters do get a small discount for enrolling in auto ship.


Low-fat Vegetarian based diet programs have proven to be one of the most effective methods for permanent weight loss. Dieters who are able to handle the taste of prepackaged meals and follow the diet plan included are likely to lose weight on the NutriSystem program since they are cutting back on calories. Since dieters still have to add a their own food items, the lower cost compared to other weight loss programs may not be a benefit. The program can be ideal for dieters who need a temporary solution to help them get back on track and understand portion control.

Visit the official NutriSystem Vegetarian website for more information.

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