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Phentemine375 - Is it Worth the Risk?




Phen357 or Phentemine375 is an appetite suppressant sold by RDK Global. The product uses a very similar formula to phentermine, a controlled substance that is illegal to possess without a prescription. In order to get around this, Phentemine375 uses a slightly different active ingredient and touts itself as an over the counter replacement for phentermine. The active ingredient in Phentemine375 is the stimulant, dimethylamylamine which is extracted from geranium oil.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Phentemine375 provides a structured diet plan along with the dietary supplement. The diet plan includes 6 small meals a day which will help to eliminate cravings.
  • The stimulant is likely to add a boost of energy and help keep hunger pains at bay.


  • Dieters have to jump through hoops in order to take advantage of the 30 day refund policy. Dieters have to keep a daily record of their weight and obtain a certified statement from their pharmacists to even apply for the refund.
  • 30 pills for $70 may be out of the price range for many dieters.
  • Dimethylamylamine can be used as a party drug and its effects have not been fully studied.


  • Pregnant and nursing women and children should not take this dietary supplement under any condition.
  • The primary ingredient of Phen357 can interfere with certain prescription medications. Those taking prescription medications for any reason should discuss with their doctor if Phen357 is safe to take.
  • Individuals suffering from certain health conditions including depression, glaucoma and high blood pressure should not take this medication for any reason.
  • Dangerous side effects have been associated with Phentemine357. These include heart palpitations, insomnia and nervousness. If any serious side effects occur, it is best to consult a doctor before taking another dose.
  • Caffeine and other stimulants are included in these weight loss pills. Dieters need to avoid consuming coffee, tea and other products with caffeine while on Phentemine375.

How does Phentemine375 Works?

The stimulant dimethylamylamine combines with caffeine, to give this product appetite suppressing abilities. L-Carnitine in an amino acid in the formula associated with turning fat into fuel for the body. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a performance enhancing drug that naturally occurs in the adrenal gland and is listed as having the ability to reduce body weight.

Phentemine357 Conclusion

Phentime375 may actually help dieters lose weight, but at what cost? The products active ingredient could be dangerous for some groups of dieters. The price is a turn off for many users and very little practical information can be found about RDK Global, the brainchild behind this dieting pill. With the large number of over the counter appetite suppressants on the market, dieters should be sure to do their research before deciding to try out Phentemine375.

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