Slim Chews Review
Chew Your Way to Weight Loss with Slim Chews? Not Likely!

Slim Chews

Slim Chews Overview

Slim Chews are an innovate idea in weight loss. Instead of a liquid, pill or powder, Slim Chews resemble candy. These soft bite sized chews are flavored to taste like mixed berries and make a sweet treat that dieters will have no trouble adding to their daily schedule. According to the official Web site, Slim Chews decrease appetite, boost the metabolism, and keeps up your energy levels throughout the day.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Slim Chews Pros

  • Chews that look and taste like candy will be appealing to even the most resistant of dieters.
  • Slim Chews maximize efficiency by only needing to be taken once a day.
  • An ingredient list can be viewed at the official Web site.
  • Slim Chews sugar free formula makes it safe for diabetics.

Slim Chews Cons

  • Slim ChewsThough Slim Chews offers an unbelievable $1 trial (plus shipping and handling) dieters have to contact customer support within 15 days of the ship date or the additional charge will be added to their account and they will be enrolled in the auto ship program.
  • Slim Chews claims to have a scientifically proven formula though the FDA has not evaluated the product and no information on clinical trials or studies is provided at the official Web site.
  • The site claims dieters can lose up to 20 pounds of weight a month. These claims seem exaggerated since no proof is given and is far above the recommended guidelines of 1 or 2 pounds a week.
  • Hoodia is a protected plant due to heavy interest in its reported ability to suppress appetite. The majority of products claiming Hoodia as an ingredient do not contain the active ingredient. Slim Chews provides no information from an independent lab that its products contain Hoodia.

Slim Chews Warnings!

  • Because dietary supplements can sometimes interfere with prescription and over the counter medications, you should consult your doctor before taking this medication.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should avoid consuming Slim Chews.

How Does Slim Chews Works?

Slim Chews contains two main ingredients Hoodia Gordonii and Brazilian Cha de Bugre. Hoodia is a South African cactus plant extract that has been much hyped for its believed ability to suppress the appetite. Brazilian Cha de Bugre is a Brazilian plant associated with decreasing appetite and removing excess water from the body. Since it also contains caffeine, Cha is also cited for its energy boosting and fat burning capabilities. Dieters are directed to take 2 Slim Chews once a day an hour before consuming their largest meal. By taking in advance dieters should be able to eat less at meal time, thereby cutting down on total calorie consumption and the products fat burning capabilities should continue to work throughout the day.

Slim Chews Conclusion

Though a novel idea, Slim Chews may just be too good to be true. Currently there is not enough research to support the companies' claim that Hoodia works to suppress appetite in humans. Additionally the products "trial offer" is misleading and may make it difficult to cancel the product once ordered.

Visit the official Slim Chews website for more information.

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