Slim Weight Patch Review
The ‘Band Aid’ Approach to losing weight

Slim Weight Patch

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Nicotine patches help smokers kick the habit by giving them a small dose of nicotine and slowly helping them reduce their craving for the addictive substance. The Slim Weight Patch uses a similar approach but the focus here is on helping dieters restrain their appetites and drop weight. Roduve Healthcare Solutions, a health product manufacturing company founded in 2009, is the brains behind the product.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • The Slim Weight Patch is extremely convenient and eliminates the need to remember to take weight loss pills, beverages or other dieting products throughout the day. Users can just put it on and go about their business.
  • Users can return the product at anytime within 6 months and receive a full refund.
  • At around $30 for each Slim Weight Patch box, the cost per patch averages out to be around $1.


  • Although the patch includes clinical trials on their official website, these studies were conducted on individual ingredients included in the formula and not on the patch itself.

How Does The Slim Weight Patch Work?

Each box of the Slim Weight Patch contains enough to last for one month. Users simply stick one patch on a part of their body first thing in the morning – taking care to choose a patch of dry and hairless skin. Throughout the day, the patch slowly releases its blend of herbal ingredients that penetrate through the skin and passes directly into the bloodstream.

The ingredients included in the patch are chosen for their ability to curb the appetite and reduce food cravings. One of these ingredients is flaxseed oil, an oil rich in fatty acids that is useful for promoting health, reducing muscle fatigue, stimulating weight loss and numerous other health benefits. Yerba Mate, a stimulating agent, works to burn calories, provides energy and increases the sensation of being full. Garcinia cambogiais, a fruit native to Asia, suppresses appetite and encourages the body to increase the amount of calories burned.

Slim Weight Patch Conclusion

The idea behind the Slim Weight Patch is interesting; however, there is some doubt about the products ability to offer any long-term or noticeable weight loss improvements. The extended product guarantee, however, and lack of reported side effects may make the patch appealing to those looking to simplify the process of losing weight. By combining, the use of the patch with moderate exercise and a low-calorie diet, users may be able to speed up weight loss results.

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