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Smart diets is like having access to a personal dietician. They offer four different weight loss programs that can help you with weight loss and healthy living, but these can be changed in many ways to suit your own personal life style and weight loss goals. As soon as you enter the site you enter your height and weight and answer a few basic questions and from this a basic weight loss plan is chosen.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Personalized plan that is unlimited in its possibilities for tweaks and changes
  • Staff dieticians and nutrition experts to answer questions
  • Recipe database
  • Videos and articles to help you become a diet expert
  • Shopping list generator
  • On line community for support
  • Money back guarantee


  • Does not include exercise as part of the plan but does offer hints and tips on exercise.
  • No information on the weight loss programs that are available until you sign up
  • It is unclear why a particular diet is recommended for you
  • Several reports of them not refunding money and poor reviews from users

How Smart Diets works

The choices of plans include a balanced eating plan, a low carb plan, an accelerated weight loss plan, and an athletic plan. All of these plans can be personalized to avoid certain foods or meals, or a plan can be changed completely for another one at no extra cost. The standard plan is a low fat low calorie plan. The standard diet plan includes many pre-packaged and frozen meals.


Smart diets offers a wide range of options for weight loss plans and the site is easy to navigate and use. There are several reports of them being unreliable in terms of help and refunding money as promised. For more information visit Smart Diets

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