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Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet™ Overview

Dubbed as the most flavorful diet under the sun, The Sonoma Diet™ was inspired by two distinct communities where enjoying delicious food is a way of life. The areas on and near the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful Sonoma County in California share a lot more than nutritional instincts. They share a festive approach to eating and a heartfelt love of great food. So many rich foods are incorporated into this diet but add a little wine into the mix and we have ourselves a winner in the weight loss division.


How Does The Sonoma Diet™ Work?

This diet consists of three phases (somewhat similar to The South Beach Diet).

Phase One is the "induction" phase. The main purpose of this phase is to eliminate certain processed foods and sugars. Processed foods can be anything from hot dogs to hot pockets & certain lunch meats. The overall goal for the induction phase is to eliminate sugar based carbohydrates including fruits that are high in sugar. The induction phase lasts around 10 days.

Phase Two of the Sonoma Diet™ (or wave 2) is to re-introduce certain foods back into the diet. This is the wave that you'll stay in until your target weight gets reached.

Phase Three: Finally, the last wave of the Sonoma diet is started once the target weight has been reached. It's at this wave that the diet needs to be made a lifestyle by learning healthy foods, building a healthier palate, and adding to your recipes.

Pairing a diet wine with Sonoma™ meals enhances the overall diet experience and results. The Sonoma Diet™ is currently offering a free analysis so you can see if this diet is right for you.

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Pros to Consider

  • Customized day-by-day plan and meal planner so no guessing involved regarding what to eat and/or food portions
  • Results can be seen within 10 days of using diet.
  • Members have to registered dieticians (online & on-call)
  • Weight Tracker is provided to chart your weight loss.
  • Over 500 easy-to-make recipes included with membership.
  • Online community support is available to motivate, share ideas, and meet people just like you.
  • No calorie counting and no sacrificing taste while losing weight.

Cons to Consider

  • Those under 21 will not be able to take advantage of the wine aspects of the diet.
  • Some reporting having a hard time keeping up with the menu, however, we see this as a good thing because more variety means less chances you have of getting bored with what you are eating.

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Cost of The Sonoma Diet™

With all the perks and features such as access to registered dieticians and meal planners, we expected the diet to run several hundred dollars a month. We were pleased to learn the cost of The Sonoma Diet™ was a nominal $5 dollars a week! (billed every 13 weeks). Additionally, if you sign up and decide the diet doesn't work for you, you may cancel and receive a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.



The Sonoma Diet™ comes with plenty of guidance. The food enjoyed in this diet makes you feel like you're not on a diet at all. The key is what you eat and when you eat it. Feedback from our readers refreshingly stated they no longer needed to have cheat meals or craved for fatty foods when using this diet. The Sonoma Diet™ has everything you need to lose weight while celebrating life through food. We have not seen too many diets as exciting as The Sonoma Diet™. We hope to see you in a paradise of healthy eating and active lifestyles soon.

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