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Any serious dieter has likely seen infomercial's and online advertisements for Beachbody fitness products. Beachbody was founded in 1998, and in just a short amount of time, the company has introduced the fitness and weight loss community to a number of famous fitness products. One of the newer offerings by the company is Turbo Jam, a DVD workout series lead by fitness expert Chalene Johnson. Her high-intensity program mixes kick boxing, dancing and music, creating a program that might be ideal for those bored with regular fitness moves and those who desire to get fit in less time.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Bonus items are included with purchase including sculpting gloves, a meal plan and a measuring tape to track progress.
  • The workout is fun and has a lot of variety; factors that can help the average exerciser stick with the program after the newness wears off.
  • Chalene takes time to break down each move to users and offer modifications when needed. Her light-hearted move and easy going personality have also been commented on by users.


  • Like the name suggests, Turbo Jam amps up the intensity level here. Even though modifications are provided, those with knee troubles may still want to consult with a doctor to avoid knee injuries.
  • Those who are not dance oriented may struggle with the choreography at first.

How Does Turbo Jam Work?

The weight loss in those using Turbo Jam is attributed to the “Elite 11,” a range of signature moves designed by Chalene to target the core and abs. Each workout further builds on the elite moves, working to sculpt and strengthen specific body parts and muscle groups and giving exercises a fun and challenging vibe that helps trim, lift and flatten problem areas. Martial arts and dance based moves are the basis for Chalene's program and inspire such workouts as the Carb Party and Ab Jam, fun dance based routines intended to help users burn more calories than other programs.

Turbo Jam Conclusion

Turbo Jam has managed to create a fitness system that works for those who haven’t exercised in years and for those looking to maintain their current fitness levels. Users who have used the product have reported increased definition and toning as well as reasonable weight lost. Even though some users have reported annoyance with the focus on dance based moves, those who play the DVD's regularly get results and eventually pick up on the moves. Turbo Jam looks to be a well-rounded product, suitable for most individuals. For more info, visit the official Turbo Jam Website.

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