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Ultimate Sex Diet

The Ultimate Sex Overview

The Ultimate Sex Diet will do more than make you count calories or tell you to do crunches. Instead, the book is one that will give you some fun tools that will help you improve and perfect your body, state of mind, and your sex life. Who doesn't want to feel and look good? The Ultimate Sex Diet is a book that will make your wildest dreams and fantasies about your body, love, and sex come true.

Pros and Cons to Consider

ultimate sex dietPros

  • Kerry McCloskey's book uses research to back up the book's tips about how to use making love as a way to improve one's overall health and weight.
  • The author has tried the tips listed in the book and has lost over 20 pounds.
  • The book walks the reader through 29 sexual exercises that are designed to tighten the body and improve one's state of mind.
  • The book is an easy read and often laugh-out-loud funny.
  • Can improve one's sexual relationship.
  • Fun alternative to other diet plans.


  • Diet may prove problematic if you do not have a spouse or a willing partner.
  • Author is not an expert in nutrition or diet.

How Does the Ultimate Sex Diet Work?

This diet works by making one's sex life a major source of exercise. If you learn how to position your body and incorporate the 29 exercises into your love life, you will soon see your weight drop, your body tighten up, and the muscles appear. This is not just a book for women: men can also use the tips found in this book. The tips in this piece will help two people rekindle or spice up their love life and will help them tone and tighten their bodies. Once people start losing weight, they will feel even more confident in bed, and this will result in an even better sex life.

Food while on The Ultimate Sex Diet should be savored and slowly enjoyed. Some foods are restricted but the book comes with list of recommended foods to compliment the diet.


As of the writing of this review. The Ultimate Sex Diet was available at Amazon for $23.44


If you want to lose weight in a safe and fun manner, you should definitely take a look at The Ultimate Sex Diet. This is a book that will benefit you and your partner and could help you achieve a healthy and happy life. And of course, who doesn't want to look as good as they feel when making love to their loved one? Reading this book and incorporating the lessons into your love life could definitely give you the results you've been looking for.

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