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The My Lifestyle Diet toolset is designed to help dieters with body analysis, exercise recommendations, and understanding calorie deficits.

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Weight Loss Estimator
This tool estimates the date you can safely
reach your goal or ideal weight.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
This tool helps gauge your BMI to asses overall
health and determine if your health is at risk.

Activity Calculator
Enter how many calories you want to burn and
get a list of recommended exercises.

Calorie CalculatorCalorie Calculator
Find out how many calories you need to lose or
maintain your current weight.

Target Heart Rate CalculatorTarget Heart Rate Calculator
Enter your age and see what your target heart rate
should be for burning fat or performing cardio.


Track Your Progress

Body Fat Percentage Calculator
With this tool you can estimate your total body fat
percentage by entering your weight and waist measurements.

Percentage Lost Calculator
This tool helps calculate the percentage of body
weight lost while on a diet.


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